Storing Mustang for winter


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Nov 21, 2016
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2017 Mustang Ecoboost MT
Hi all, I have 2 questions about maintenance

First of all:
I will be storing my Mustang for the winter this year, for atleast 1 month no driving in between.
I heard many times that you should fill up the gas tank completely, but unfortunately the best fuel I have available (and always use) is E5, which contains up to 5% ethanol.

Is it fine to just fill up the tank with that, hook up a battery charger and call it done? I don't really have any jack stands so I can't do anything about flatspots. Tire pressure sits about 2.1 bar (after driving) according to the computer. The oil sits about 30% life and changed about 6 months ago.

Second question:
In general, this is my secondary car so it's usually only driven in the weekends on the street or on the track and sees about 3000km a year. Should I change the oil more often or just each year like I'm planning to do now? Not sure which oil they use at the dealer but I assume it's just a semi synthetic blend, but I'd like to go full synthetic next time. My car is now 1.5 years old and I bring it in for service each year around the spring. Any other fluids or maintenance that should be done often?

It's been busy and I don't even reach the 10k mark each year for service, usually only 3-5k, but I still go in each year and they just change the oil/filter and check the tires.

I don't have any mods yet, but I'm planning on adding a catch can. This will be a car I'll keep for many many years so I want it to be in the best condition I can get it :)

Greetings and a happy christmas/new year for everyone!


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Aug 25, 2015
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Bonn, Germany
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Hi Walt,

I have a sesonal registration and my GT has to sit in the Garage from November to February. I take out the battery for charging (CTEK MSX 5.0) as I don't have electricity in the Garage. No changes on the tires or the fuel. To protect the car from dust I have an indoor car cover.

I also do the annual service each March according to the service book at a Ford shop. After the third summer I have only accumulated less then 13,000 km.

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