1. Recommended gas octane for storage?

    Hi all, storing my gt350R for the winter. Having a hard time deciding which gas to put in for storage. I have 2 options: 91 non-ethanol 93 with ethanol What would you recommend? Would 91 non ethanol affect the longetivity of the engine possibly since it’s a lower octane? I know the manual...
  2. Help with Ethanol Sensor

    Hey all! 2019 GT looking to run an ethanol content sensor stock fuel system, anyway know the best place to tap in this and what to use, found what people did for a gen 2 but the gen 3 motor is a little different, should i also use the nylon fuel line and the doorman ends or get better hardware...
  3. Storing Mustang for winter

    Hi all, I have 2 questions about maintenance First of all: I will be storing my Mustang for the winter this year, for atleast 1 month no driving in between. I heard many times that you should fill up the gas tank completely, but unfortunately the best fuel I have available (and always use) is...
  4. E10 or E0?

    Esp as it relates to boosted applications, all stations in my area are 93E10, except one that is a VP distributor and they have 91E0. For DD use, is one preferable over the other? The 91E0 is $0.25-30/g more than Exxon/Texaco/Conoco/Valero.