1. Help: Headers vs High flow cats for 2018

    Hey guys Please help I'm considering the possibility to do Nationals this Sept and I'm looking to squeeze out some extra HPs. My 2018 is track only. Anyone has some data between HEADERS vs Highflow cats? I'm e85 CAI and ATAK3 (this catback already gave me 12whp. ) I want to understand if...
  2. 1st Dyno Run #’s E85R + JLT CAI Dyno Tune

    Got dyno tuned today at RET by Greg and he really woke the car up. No base sheet to go off of. Replaced my C&L for a much larger JLT GT350 CAI and threw on some 47Lb FP Injectors. Just received my ported ‘18 IM and TB. Will update with new #’s once those get on the car.
  3. Flex tune for 2017 GT?

    Was wondering if there was an e85 flex tune for a 2017 gt. Stories vary as well do shops in chicago as well. Is there a such thing as a e85 flex tune for a 2017 mustang?
  4. e85 on 2019 Ecoboost

    Hey I'm thinking about running e85 on my 2019 ecoboost, it doesn't have any aftermarket mods other than a BOV. Other than tuning the car to run e85 is there any other mods I need to get in order for it to be able to run e85 with no problems?
  5. Fuel Systems!

    Are you needing to go E85 on your boosted setup but need more fuel? Well here's the answer! The Lethal Performance 2018+ return style fuel system was designed for those looking to make big power as well as have the option to run different fuel types. Only a couple more days to get this amazing...
  6. Minnesota SOLD!!! 2017 Mustang GT350 / Procharged / Carbon Fiber / Avalanche Gray / Over 30k Invested

    SOLD!!!my 2017 Shelby GT350 Mustang Avalanche Gray. I am having a hard time with letting it go, however I've decided to focus my attention elsewhere with purchasing some land/new home. The car is in immaculate condition and has been very well maintained by the previous owner and myself. There is...
  7. Virginia Palm Beach Dyno / HP Tuners Ngauge

    Used for 9 months. From Palm Beach Dyno. Includes A/C vent mount (not gauge pod mount). $350 shipped.
  8. '16 GT, sleeved Predator and F1A94

    The stock engine and P1SC has really performed beyond expectation and has ran a best of 9.01 at 150. With the engine at capacity, it's time to move to a more robust setup and turn it up a bit. Still on e85, tuned by PBD and fully representing the Procharger fam!. New combo is as follows...
  9. 2019 Procharger P1SC-1

    What's up guys..First time posting.Just wanted to share my dyno result on my 2019 manual.Made 736hp/574tq on E85 @10psi. Pretty happy with it...... for now.lol
  10. Installing Ngauge into Center Dash Vent (Video)

    Hi All, I wanted to add a quick video of how I installed my Ngauge into my center dash vent. Don’t forget to subscribe for gift card giveaways and future videos! <————-video of install! Thanks
  11. Whit platinum

    Whit platinum

  12. 2016 GT P1X HO KIT

    I’m running a Procharger P1X H.O. Kit With a 3.40” pulley Getting About 9-10psi Of Boost & I’m wondering what’s the smallest pulley I can use on it to Up the Boost. Anyone know? Thanks.
  13. California 2016 Hellion Mustang GT

    Hellion twin turbos with the 64mm ball bearing Mmr 1500 shortblock 5.2 L 10.1 Mmr custom/race spring and retainer kit Billet oil pump gear Corsa extreme catback T-56 with the 2.97first gear The drive shaft shop 1200hp drive shaft 2000hp half shafts Steeda stop the hop kit Steeda short throw...
  14. Calling at Hellion Mustang Owners

    What type of mpg are y’all getting with the hellion turbo kit and is it your daily?
  15. Anybody with a VMP or Palm Beach Dyno E85 tune on their GT350?

    Hello, first post here. I recently purchase a 2017 GT350, it is is the 4th mustang I've owned. It is certainly a different breed from the others. It seems like the Lund flex tune is the go to mail order tune for these cars, but I was wondering if anyone here is running a VMP or PBD E85 NA tune...
  16. Help! Too much power with Whipple or Sai Li Kit Upgrade needed (6 months of issues)

    So any help will be greatly appreciated. I own a 2016 Mustang Gt, gen 2 whipple, and a cobrajet cold air intake, headers, exhaust, sai li dual return style system with id1000s and am runnin about 14lbs of boost on the 3.25 pulley and E85, good for about 845hp. The basic issue with the car is if...
  17. Flex Fuel Tune for my gt!!

    Here is my experience with the 93/e85 flex fuel tune from livernois for my 2017 mustang gt!
  18. Demon's Den

    Demon's Den

  19. Couple of tuner device questions

    Thinking that now is as good a time as ever to get a flex fuel E85/93 octane tune. I've been searching around and there seem to be a lot of great tuner companies ... but my question is around devices. What devices work with a Mac? I don't mind running a VM to do software updates to the...
  20. 2018 Fore Fuel Systems at Team Beefcake

    New 2018 Mustang fuel systems from Fore Innovations. If you want to run e85 on those new Mustangs then get the perfect setup here. https://www.teambeefcakeracing.com/fore-innovations-fuel-systems-mustang-2018-2019.html