1. BetOnBlack

    Best Brake Upgrade Kit for 17 Base GT?

    Hey everyone. I've been browsing through the threads here and can't decide what the best option for upgrading my base GT brakes is. I originally wanted to go all out on the GT350R kit, but I don't want to buy new rear wheels because of the offset. Background: I tracked my car for the first time...
  2. fishpick

    Non-CFTP Track Readiness / Features

    What features / setup in a Base GT500 did Ford include that are for road course tracking that folks use / like? (here’s the context of what I’m asking - having a C7 now there’s a HUD with shift lights, tire temp and pressure in the gauge cluster, G force display, data recorder, etc. I haven’t...
  3. 2019 Shelby GT350R

    2019 Shelby GT350R

    My ultimate Mustang: the car I waited my whole life for - in Velocity Blue! 5.2l Voodoo V8, 6 speed, magnetic dampers, Mustang 6G wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (305/325) w/CF M Sport Cup 2s shod wheels racked in my garage. Ready for track duty (fully wrapped in clear vinyl).
  4. TuxedoPC

    California Cheap Forged Wheels and Tires

    18x10 Titan 7 Wheels with a +40 offset. These wheels are fully forged. They have been curb rashed by my grandpa. These wheels have absolutely 0 cracks or bends. They rubber on these wheels have only been rolled on for about 1500 miles and they are Firestone Indy 500's in a 275 40 18. TPMS...
  5. TuxedoPC

    Cheap Titan 7 Wheels For sale [BAY AREA]

    18x10 Titan 7 Wheels with a +40 offset. These wheels are fully forged. They have been curb rashed by my grandpa. These wheels have absolutely 0 cracks or bends. They rubber on these wheels have only been rolled on for about 1500 miles and they are Firestone Indy 500's in a 275 40 18. TPMS...
  6. Walt

    Differential and MT-86 fluid change procedure

    I'm about to change the rear differential and the MT-86 fluid for the first time. Is there any special procedure I should follow or do you just fill both on level ground until the fluid starts dripping back out of the filler hole? I have a performance pack equiped 2017 Mustang Ecoboost. It's an...
  7. hson10

    Headers + catback sound db? >103db?

    Interested if anybody has / had done a db sound reading on GTs with catless headers. I did a search and it looks like @gundam83 had a very similar question to me previously, but didn't think it was resolved. Headed to Thunder Hill soon, and just realized it's 103db. :headbang: Had I known I...
  8. Scurd Racing

    S550 Full Tilt Boogie Brake Cooling Duct Kit (Brand new)

    S550 Front Brake Cooling Duct Kit with 10' long neoprene hose. I think it only fits 15-17 but I might be wrong. I bought it for $290 with tax + shipping Letting it go for $250 I never got a chance to install it and the car is now sold. Only opened the box to take pictures. Pickup Preferred...
  9. Suspension upgrades - anything else?

    2016 GTPP I’ve lurked on the similar suspension threads on here as long as I could. Here’s the list of things taking up space in my living room... FRM-18000-f Track Strut & Shock Kit BMR SP083 Handling Springs BMR SM760 Rear Upper Shock Mount BMR CP001 Camber Plates BMR TCA048 Vertical Links...
  10. S550VB23T

    Illinois LMR SVE Drift Rims for sale $90 each (OBO) Late Model Restoration

    I have 2 rims, they were on my car for only 2 weeks, the other two were curbed, damn Chicago rain and snow! These remaining are in very good condition, and are perfect for a spare if you already have a set, and want a full size spare for drift or track cars. Not looking for as much as original...
  11. GoranRC

    Taking your car to the Track/Dragstrip - Does it hurt?

    Hey Mustang6G Forum! 3 Weeks Ago-ish, I bought a 2018 Premium Ecoboost 10 Speed with about 20k miles on it. Track Apps, Digital Cluster and all the awesome extras! Amazing condition, from the dealership, and perfect in every way. Having bought it with my own money, I've been enjoying the hell...
  12. TuxedoPC

    11 Inch wide wheels that fit stock?

    Looking for a list of wheels that can fit 11 inch wide in the front. I'm looking to do a 305 square set up. Not looking to elongate any studs or put any in. Stuff that just bolts up to the stock studs.
  13. stevezurga

    Using your R models carbon fiber wheels for HPDE events

    I am getting ready to start doing some HPDE events in another month or so and was wondering what people’s experience was who used their R’s CF wheels on the track. I’m not really interested in investing in a new set of wheels at this particular point especially with all the complications I’m...
  14. KingBowser

    New Setup Help

    Hello everyone! I have a 19 GT PP1 10 speed, I’m currently on the stock wheels with the stock 4S. Currently the car has Eibach sportlines UPR Vertical Links BMR Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit lvl 2 (CB005) BMR IRS Subframe Support Brace System (CB762) I’m looking for a new suspension setup and I...
  15. SilverSerpent

    GT350 Chasing C5 Z06 - Pocono North

    From an event I did this past weekend. First time on track at Pocono and my first time venturing somewhere besides NJMP with any car! The 350 is all stock except for some Motul RBF brake fluid. 4,400 miles on car. Has burned zero oil on or off track since switching to Amsoil. Only 20 ish people...
  16. 100mphclub

    Edelbrock 2650 Warranty 2019 GT goes to the track!

    Well, here's what she does straight from the dealership:
  17. boogie

    Any point taking a V6 to the track?

    Does anyone take their V6 to the track? How do you launch? Is it just sport mode + disable traction control + brake + accelerator then release break? This was pretty much how to do it in my BMW. Or is there no point? Not found anything on it here, google or youtube, apologies if this has...
  18. Du_tch

    Ohlins Road and Track s550

    Hey guys finally got my Ohlins R&T from J&M with j&m camber plates and rear Shock mounts! 300f 1,000r hyperco springs.
  19. Jforand

    Georgia Track Slicks on Performance Pack Wheels

    A full set of racing slicks for the track. Stock (OEM) 2016 PP staggered wheels with 275 Pirelli P Zero racing slicks (fronts) and Hoosier 295 R7 racing slicks (rear). The Pirellis are straight from the used racing tire guys you can find online and I have not run this set. You can see all 5...
  20. Georgia Auto-Blip for S550 GT

    My Mustang was totaled. This rev-match device was a godsend and the body contortions you have to make to install it are totally worth it. I can only guarantee it works in a 2016 GT but I'm guessing it works in a 2015 and 2017 (ask Auto-Blip). I doubt it works in a 2018+. These go for $400...