1. Anyone ever replace a Recaro seat skin?

    I want to pull cover off the backrest and send to get fixed, was wondering if anyone has any write ups on the Recaros. The 5-point harness inserts must have to come off but I’m not to sure how. Have any of you done it?
  2. GT350 Recaro Seat Modification for Tall Drivers?

    Hello, I have a track day coming up in December, im 6'3" but with a very tall torso, and in my comfortable position for racing with a helmet on, my head will hit the roof even with the seat all the way down. Has anyone either modified, or swapped the rails to be able to sit lower? I was...
  3. WTB Bucket Seats (pair)

    Hello, before I make the big purchase of buying bucket seats through a website I thought I'd ask if someone is selling their seats. Currently driving a 2018 Mustang GT. Let me know!
  4. Dash scratch & Recaro Seat scratch

    Any realistic way of repairing these? I guess I gotta keep a closer eye on my passengers since they apparently love carrying semi sharp objects. Maybe its time to place a seat protector on the passenger side, I dunno.
  5. 2020 Mustang base GT, Will 2015 Recaros fit?

    Hello I have a 2020 301a GT with cloth seats. I found a good deal on Leather recaros off a 2015 GT. Will these be direct plug and play? I’d definitely prefer not to have an airbag light on. I read that I can possibly switch the bladders in them? Would the bladders directly swap? Is this a...
  6. Passenger seatback - horrible rattle

    All, I have a '19 Bullitt, so essentially PP1. Not sure if seats are different. They are the stock heated/cooled seats. I've taken the car to a track and now my driver seat squeaks. I'm not skinny, 250lbs at 6'2". Dealer ordered replacement seat bracket they will swap out, along with cooling...
  7. Leather seat swaps

    Do 2016 premium gt seats fit a base 2019 gt.
  8. New York Corbeau A4 Reclineable Seats

    Brackets for s197 Hole in the seat $600

    I’m looking for the dark saddle seats! It doesn’t matter where they’re located I’ll go get them
  10. New York Corneal A4 Reclineable seats and brackets

    $750 Hole in one seat Willing to meet within an hour of staten island
  11. California WTB: Braum Seats

    Anybody selling Braum seats??
  12. Looking to purchase a set of OEM GT350 Recaro seats

    My 2019MY came with the leather-trimmed Sport Seats and as the title indicates I am looking to pick up a set of the Recaro Sport Seats. If anyone is selling....I'm buying! Look forward to hearing from you. *preferably 2018MY and above / GT350 or GT350R
  13. How to fix airbag light after seat

    Hey all I did a seat swap, took out my cloth convertible seats and put in leather coupe seats and got an airbag light. I figured out how to correct that airbag light issue and made a how to video.
  14. Help!! With seat airbag light!!!

    I swapped my convertible cloth seats for coupe leather seats and now I have an airbag code for the curtain airbag error. I no longer have my cloth seats so I'm stuck with the coupe leathers any help resolving the issue would be appreciated!!! I heard I can use s 2.2 ohm resistor but unsure If...
  15. Arizona Looking for leather seats

    Would anyone be interested in trading there leather seats or cloth Recaro for base cloth + cash local az only ? 2018-2020 years only
  16. Wisconsin Gt350 recaro rear seats for sale

    Gt350 rear seats for sale Alcantara
  17. Aftermarket Leather SeatSkins

    Greetings! I recently bought a 2018 Mustang GT pp2... but being that there were so few of them at the time in California, I ended up with one that didnt start off with a premium or anything (its fine, I dont need all that extra junk anyway). I actually would prefer cloth seats generally, but...
  18. (SOLD) FS: 2015-2017 OEM Cloth Seats Front + Back

  19. Seat cushion bottom bolsters cutting into hip

    Hi all. 6'0" 175 lbs. I've got a skinny ass, but these leather heat/cool seats seem to cut right into my hip bone. I figure raising my ass a little will help with a memory foam cushion but then I'm a little too tall unless I lean the chair back a little too far for my comfort. Anyone have this...
  20. Shelby GT350R Recaro Seats