1. Alabama WTB axleback exhaust

    Looking to buy a used axleback exhaust set up. Ford performance, borla, Corsa, open to anything with medium to high loudness. Already have H pipe installed. Currently in North Mississippi. Willing to drive for the right deal!
  2. New Jersey 2015 Mustang GT Premium Convertible (OEM)

    Black 2015 Mustang GT Convertible with Premium interior for sale. PICTURES WILL BE UP WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF THIS POST if not already up. 48,9xx miles on it. ASKING PRICE: 26k OBO trying to get rid of ASAP so price is very negotiable The car is mechanically in great condition, only trying to sell...
  3. Toggle Switches and Radio Control Knobs

    Hello reader! I know this may be a far-fetched idea/ask, but is anyone willing and able to complete a project for me, and other likeminded individuals? Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources or knowledge to undertake it myself. Please see below. I have a 2017 Mustang GT Premium, and one...
  4. Alabama WTB suspension (springs and struts)

    I am looking to buy a spring and strut/shock set up for a 2015 mustang GT. been looking at ford performance street package interested in other set ups though, if you have something comment and let me know. In Memphis TN for reference.
  5. 2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack

    2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack

    Best run: 12.3 @ 116mph at Great Lakes Dragaway. 2800 DA.
  6. North Carolina 2017 OEM Turn Signals + Fog Lights Bezels, OPT7 Diffused Turn Signals

    Replaced turn signals and foglights with aftermarket parts, they're dirty but I can clean them up before shipping them out, $120 per side Plus Shipping Also have a brand new pair of OPT7 Diffused Turn Signals, $125 Shipped

    Email me [email protected] Looking for a 2015-2017 performance pack, manual, supercharged mustang gt for $31k or less. Prefer to have less than 30k miles but I'll still entertain all offers. Closer to Michigan the better
  8. lavish5.0

    Lavish5.0 Build

    Currently, I only have appearance mods but I have big plans for her performance in the future. Here are the plans for now: AWE 3" Touring Cat Back w/Diamond Tips, Cervini’s 4-inch cowl hood, RTR front grilles, front splitter w/ rods, MP Concepts gloss black decklid panel, Eibach pro-kit...
  9. EOM Ford pass connect modem for 2015-2017

    Does any know if there’s a way to install the ford pass connect modem to a 2015-17 mustang like the newer mustangs. I want to be able to remote start my car with my phone or have it turn on automatically at set times to heat up or cool down. I want to be able to track it, or have WiFi from the modem
  10. Performance Pack Spoiler

    Hi there! Anyone happen to install a 2018+ Performance Pack spoiler on their 2015-2017 Mustang? If so, do you have any pictures? My 2017 has the small spoiler blade and I wanted to make the upgrade. I understand they use the same holes, but I wanted to see if there are any problems I would run...
  11. analtoaster

    Car's engine shuts off on neutral (2015 Ecoboost) Throttle Body?

    hello, I have a 2015 Mustang Ecoboost premium in manual transmission and every here n there the car would start making a weird sound while cruising down the street, which would lead to the engine shutting off once i reached a point where i would have to pass by the neutral position on my gear...
  12. ExoticPonyMods

    New Product: 2015-2020 EPM Mustang Sequential Taillight Replaceable Assembly 2018 style EURO AUS

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! It's been a while since ExoticPonyMods posted anything on this forum. We have made another product which adds triple amber triple red signals to the AUS EURO Mustang rear lights. This can be seen as an upgrade from the 3A3R LED upgrade kits we have created 2 years...
  13. Headlight depth issue

    Greetings, I recently bought my Mustang GT 2015. Long story short I had to replace both headlights of my car bc they were cracked. I bought a new set of lights from Ebay which did not come with their own bulbs, so I just plugged the old set of bulbs. The problem is that now I am not getting...
  14. shanethealmighty

    2015 Mustang GT Base Build / Recommendations

    Hi everyone! I picked up a base 2015 Mustang GT back when I worked for Ford. The only option I went with was the 3.55 rear axle. Below is a list of everything I have done since (front to back). I am looking for recommendations! I use this car for open track days, my daily commute, and...
  15. Sunny Side Up

    Sunny Side Up

  16. Zay's Garage

    Zay's Garage

  17. Adrian8544

    A Love Story *warning will cause heartbreak*

    Hello all, my name is Adrian, I am a first time poster long time reader, I’ve been wanting to get onto the actual forum itself, but I’ve been waiting until I’ve had anything meaningful to share, be it a mod or discovery etc. Anyhow, let me start with a love story. September of 2018: I had just...
  18. 2015 differential clutch packs on V6 auatomatic?

    2015 V6 automatic with the standard LSD. What clutch pack would I need for a full service job? Would you use the packs from the previous generation 8.8?
  19. Difference between 2015-2017 3.7's and the 2011-2014 3.7's?

    New user here. New to the Ford Mustang Family (2015 V6 automatic) coming from a Chevy Camaro. I've been researching information for an idea/possible modification down the road, but nobody seems to have a clear answer or I just have not looked deep enough. What difference is there between the...
  20. khannected

    Oregon FS: 2015+ Corsa Xtreme Catback Exhaust - Brand new in box

    Selling brand new Corsa Xtreme catback exhaust with polished 4.5” tips for Mustang GT. 2015+ This is brand new in box, still wrapped and packaged. I opened the box to look at it and that’s it. I had to sell my car so I don’t need the exhaust system anymore. Asking $1050. Selling at a loss...