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Instruction Summary

[Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with any of these discoveries and take credit for none of them. I am simply summarizing what a bunch of geniuses/heros came up with in the prior 23 pages of this thread and other threads. I am trying to make this specific for the GT350 here.]
1. Need laptop with windows operating system (make sure date and time are accurate on computer, if outside of extended license range it will not load the extended license, see below about getting extended license)
2. Buy OBDLinkMXBluetooth (best connection, wifi prone to disconnections)
If your windows computer does not have bluetooth, also buy
3. Download forscan (to windows computer you will make mods with)
Choose "FORScan version 2.3.9 (or whatever the latest version is at the time) beta for Windows - free." Do not use Wine version. Will need extended license version to make modifications
4. Sign up for forum
5. Wait for registration email from FORScan
6. Obtain extended license
7. Open FORScan and Click bottom Left "About" button to load license, when successful should read, "Extended License. Registered to..."
8. Plug OBDMX into port
9. Key On, Engine Off. Car should have a full battery and DO NOT let battery get below 11.4V, risk damage. I spent over an hour connected with no battery drain problems. If you have a goal of what you will modify before you connect to car it shouldn't take more than 15min from here on
10. Start forscan on windows computer with bluetooth
11. Click "connect to vehicle" at bottom
12. Click left "Configuration and Programming button"
13. Click on APIM, IPC, BdyCM, ACM (all AS BUILT) or RCM (not AS BUILT) depending what you want to modify:
Module Address Value 1 Value 2 Value 3 Effect Model Year Package
APIM 7D0-02-01 5553 0602 C04A Mustang GT Nav Anim. All Tech/Conv/Elec
APIM 7D0-02-01 5553 0702 C04B Gray GT350 Nav Anim. All Tech/Conv/Elec
APIM 7D0-02-01 5553 0902 C04D Red GT350R Nav Anim. All Tech/Conv/Elec
APIM 7D0-02-01 x5xx xxxx xxxx Stock operation for no NAV in motion
APIM 7D0-02-01 x7xx xxxx xxxx NAV in motion enabled/Sirius Traffic becomes disabled (didn’t work for me,
still cannot enter addresses into NAV while in motion)
IPC 720-06-01 7F6D 0664 9E22 No Axle or Trans Oil Temp Display All
IPC 720-06-01 7F6D 1664 9E32 Axle Oil Temp Display All
IPC 720-06-01 7F6D 8664 9EA2 Trans Oil Temp Display All
IPC 720-06-01 7F6D 9664 9EB2 Both Axle and Trans Oil Temp Display All
BCM 726-32-01 0A01 0000 006B Entry Lighting Disable (Dark Car Mode) 2016 Track
BCM 726-32-01 0A01 0100 006C Entry Lighting Enable 2016 Track
BCM 726-41-02 0000 0001 0172 No Horn Exit When Running 2016 Track
BCM 726-41-02 0001 0001 0173 Double Horn Exit When Running 2016 Track
BCM 726-41-02 0000 0000 0070 No Horn Exit When Running 2017 Conv
BCM 726-41-02 0001 0000 0071 Double Horn Exit When Running 2017 Conv
ACM 727-01-01 1801 C000 0009 Engine Sound Enhancement Disable 2016 Tech (didn’t work for
me, I also tried 1801 3808 0089 and 1801 3008 0081 with no change. What finally worked to disable fake sound was 1801 F808 0049)
ACM 727-01-01 1801 3A08 008B Engine Sound Enhancement Enable 2016 Tech
ACM 727-01-01 D800 D000 00D8 Engine Sound Enhancement Disable 2016 Track
ACM 727-01-01 D800 2A00 0032 Engine Sound Enhancement Enable 2016 Track
ACM 727-01-01 1850 F000 44CC Engine Sound Enhancement Disable 2017 Conv
ACM 727-01-01 1850 FA00 44D6 Engine Sound Enhancement Enable 2017 Conv
RCM Enable/Disable Seatbelt minders (can also do it manually without needing FORScan, see below)

14. Hit play button on bottom to show codes in the category from step 13.
15. Make modifications to codes as desired (Write down your original codes in case you want to ever revert changes)
16. Click write. Follow instructions given to cycle "key on engine off" / "key off engine off" if needed.
17. Hit stop button on bottom.
You can also turn off/on the seatbelt minders per the owner's manual page 31 as follows: Key on engine off, then wait until seatbelt light turns off on dash. Once light goes out, wait 5 seconds, then slowly plug/unplug seatbelt three times. After the third time the light will come back on, then plug/unplug one more time. Seatbelt light will now flash to confirm. Repeat on other seat. Repeat to turn back on if desired.
For forscan detailed instructions with pictures (not GT350 specific):

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