Steeda Chassis Upgrades Installed

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    First let me tell you about myself and my driving style. I'm 53 and a first time Mustang owner. My first and only performance car prior to this was a 1973 Roadrunner I bought in 1982. My last performance vehicle was a 2000 Honda VFR800 sportbike.

    I'm no longer a limit pusher. I don't need to skirt the edge for a thrill anymore. Did that plenty on my Honda. I enjoy a nice N. GA mountain drive from time to time. Did a lot of them on my VFR. I enjoy on ramps straight and curvy. I enjoy a tight corner entrance onto the highway. I love the sound of my Roush axle backs as I roll thru the gears just beyond the speed limit. Every morning people get to enjoy my childishness as I roar past them after turning onto the highway to work. Puts a smile on my face every day. I enjoy it in my own way and that's all that matters to me. I'd love to do a road course some day. We'll see.

    Even though I don't drive on the edge I always felt that corners were not as stable as they could be. I recently purchased and installed the following from Steeda:

    Extreme G-Trac K-Member Brace #555-5532
    Subframe Support Braces #555-5754

    I drove this setup for a couple days and noticed cornering was more controlled. It was something I noticed on my first turn at decent speed. Felt planted in a long sweeper. Made me more confident in the cars cornering capability. I knew this was a good choice for me. Definite improvement. I read where someone else in a review of these parts said they experienced less body roll. I'm not sure about less roll but it must be helping the suspension do its' job because I can sure tell a difference.

    Subframe Bushing Support #555 4437
    Subframe Alignment Kit #555 4438
    Front Control Arms Tension Link #555-4907

    Control arms were replaced due to bushing wear on the OEM passenger arm. I would hear a clunk when braking at slow speed like in a parking lot.

    I installed the alignment kit and bushing support for additional grip and control on hard acceleration. I didn't feel a big incremental improvement like I did with the initial brace install. Glad I did it because I know it's adding additional capability.

    Next project will be suspension.

    Update 1/17/19
    Did a 3 hour drive today, about half on the highway. Nothing negative to say about the changes. On a positive note road imperfections don't seem to impact the cars stability as much anymore.
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    We're here to help with that too :)

    Let me know if I can help put you in contact with our build team unless you are already working with someone.

    Many thanks for sharing!

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    Great choice in choosing the S550 platform for your newest sports car; the value is unbeatable.

    Looking forward to seeing your choices on suspension upgrades as well; I’m interested in the route you’ll take given your driving style.

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