1. North Carolina New S550 steeda parts

    Front control arms with tension links for lowered cars. PN# 555-4909. $299 Front camber bolts. #555-4124 $15 Rear FRPP knuckle to toe link bearings $40
  2. samir

    BMR vs. Steeda handling upgrades

    I’ve got a 2020 GT350 (handling package) and I’m running E85. I want to try and solve the tramlining and wheel hop with some upgrades. I drive my car mostly street (so don’t want to much added NVH) but once spring roles around will do track days once a month. I really want to stick with one...
  3. Chris@Steeda

    Hawk Performance Street & Track Brake Pad Testing [Steeda x Hawk x Nitto]

    **Updated with Track Video - 10/30** Hey All - Over the past 3 months, we have worked closely with Hawk Performance and Nitto to put together the Ultimate Brake Pad Guide for Mustang owners. There’s no doubt that there are different brake pads for different applications. And with so many...
  4. 50Mustang

    Virginia Steeda Clutch Spring

    Unused. $20 shipped.
  5. Joeyalfonsi

    Steeda Aggressive Tone Axlebacks

    Anyone running Steeda Agressive exhaust? I’m trying to here a few more videos than the ones on YouTube. Thanks.
  6. aeonrevolution

    Steeda End Link Failure

    Just curious if anyone else has had this happen. I grabbed a zerk fitting and was putting grease in today when I noticed it. I've had a clunk coming from my suspension for months that I haven't been able to figure out. Dunno if this is it or not, but I know its bad :crackup:
  7. 2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack

    2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack

    Best run: 12.3 @ 116mph at Great Lakes Dragaway. 2800 DA.
  8. turbofiveoh

    GT Ford Racing Performance Shocks and Steeda Progressive Springs

    I recently installed coilovers and no longer need a set of lightly used M-18000-F Ford Performance struts and shocks paired with Steeda 555-8210 progressive springs. I never tracked this setup but the car handled very well and rode really nice. The suspension was extremely compliant and the...
  9. turbofiveoh

    GT Steeda Billet Rear Shock Mount (PN 555-8151)

    As a result of switching to coilovers I now have a set of Steeda billet upper shock mounts for sale. These are complete and need nothing replaced. They have the 10mm-1.5 diameter sleeves so they can be used with stock, FRPP, and Viking shocks. I was using them with a set of FRPP shocks...
  10. North Carolina Steeda shift knob

    Brand new, $65 originally. Will take $40 obo and can ship at buyers expense.
  11. mtabers

    Michigan SOLD - Steeda S550 Mustang Tri-Ax Street Short Throw Shifter

    For sale is my like new Steeda S550 Mustang Tri-Ax Street Short Throw Shifter. This shifter is part number: 555-7316 and retails at $115 from Steeda. It does not require removing the exhaust or driveshaft for install. I purchased about a month ago as a replacement for my OEM shifter to reduce...
  12. Silver Bullitt

    Silver Bullitt

  13. Suspension upgrades - anything else?

    2016 GTPP I’ve lurked on the similar suspension threads on here as long as I could. Here’s the list of things taking up space in my living room... FRM-18000-f Track Strut & Shock Kit BMR SP083 Handling Springs BMR SM760 Rear Upper Shock Mount BMR CP001 Camber Plates BMR TCA048 Vertical Links...
  14. Illinois *SOLD*Steeda Extreme G-Trac Brace 555-5532 $150 Shipped OBO

    Brand New, box was opened to take pictures. Traded car in before i could put on. Will ship UPS and can take paypal or quickpay. Includes all hardware. Steeda Extreme G-Trac Brace Parts Number: 555-5532. looking for $150 shipped OBO. MSRP is 200 and is onsale right now for 165.
  15. Illinois *SOLD*Illinois Steeda IRS Subframe Bracing 555-5754 $230 OBO

    Bought some suspension parts and traded the car in before i put the parts on. Steeda IRS Subframe Bracing 555-5754. This Is brand new, the box was opened to take pictures. Looking for $230 OBO and will Ship UPS if willing to split shipping. Steeda currently has these on sale for $250 and are...
  16. Race Red GT premium PP1

    Race Red GT premium PP1

  17. Welli´s ´19 GT

    Welli´s ´19 GT

  18. Steeda Tune with Texas Speed catless headers

    So I ordered SCT BDX tuner with Steeda tunes for life for a 2016 GT. I have Texas Speed catless headers on order. When I was filling out the tune form I noticed it said "This will not turn the catalytic monitors off". Does that mean I can't use an offroad midpipe? If that's the case should I...
  19. Suspension ride-along eval needed

    Looking for in-car feedback of my GT's setup with it's dual-rate springs and Steeda adjustable Pro-actions. Preferably from someone who has something similar but I'll happily take input from those who have done coil-overs, Bilstein, etc. I'm happy to let you drive my car around a suitable test...
  20. FS: Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Rear Shock Mount 10mm (2015-2020)

    Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Rear Shock Mount (2015-2020) Steeda part number 555-8161 fits Coilovers Vogtland, Bilstein, KW, Roush Steeda also sell spacers and nuts for your spec. $120 firm with local Socal pickup