1. Looking for an Nguage for sale

    My friend and I are looking for an Nguage for his S550. If any of you all know someone or somewhere we can also look, would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Carlos990815

    No Start No Crank, Shows a Starting System Fault message on the Cluster whenever you push the start button.

    My Vehicle is a 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 5.2L Recently had PCM and BCM replaced and reprogrammed. Codes: U016C p0192 p0182 , i already did testing as asked to do by fords repair manual for the codes, for example: for code u016c i did the following: with Ignition OFF. For DTCs P027B...
  3. RedYeti

    Wisconsin 2017 GT Performance Pack Parts

    Hi all, Selling some of the parts I've modded out in my GT. Everything seen here is functional and cleaned. All prices negotiable. Additional photos available on request. Leather hand/parking brake (~9,000 miles). FR3C-2780-BH. $49 Driver side window switch (~2,000 miles). FR3T-14540-AEW...
  4. 2020 GT Whipple/Hellion Vs. 14 Gt500

    Having recently sold my Gt350, I am now in the car search once again. I am wanting a car that is fun and can make good reliable hp. Im torn right now between a 2020 401a PP Mustang gt premium with either a gen 5 stage 2 Whipple or Hellion kit OR 14 GT500 with minimal upgrades ( pulley, tune...
  5. LunarS550

    Vortech V3 w/ Ported ‘18 Manifold 15-17

    Hey everyone, Just curious if anyone has had their Vortech V3 15-17 with the ported ‘18 manifold, 1000cc+ injectors, and stock pulley that comes with the kit, on the dyno. Interested to hear the power levels of this setup. And decide whether or not to go with a bigger head unit. Looking for...
  6. Looking For 2018 Electronic Exhaust Dump Valve

    Really like my S550, but I wanna be able to switch the exhaust sound with a flip of a switch. Been trying to find the best options for electronic dump valves for the exhaust but can't seem to find many options. Has anyone done this setup before on the 2018? If so did you have to have your kit...
  7. Mustang S550 rear squeaking noise, wind sheer and rust

    Hey fellas, I'm starting this thread to discuss a couple of bothersome things about my '17 Ecoboost Mustang. Number 1: Oftentimes when I drive slowly, on uneven roads, climb sidewalks or even steer at low speed I get this annoying squeak coming from the back of the car. This is what I am...
  8. Need help with wheel fitment

  9. KT3

    Carbon Fibre GT350 hood for 18+ S550!

    Anyone have this hood from Anderson Comp.? This is by far my favorite hood they make and I want it. Just have some questions for owners of this hood.
  10. Misfire after header install

    Hey, so recently I got a set of BBK Longtube 3/4th headers installed, the car was running fine and sounded great, take it out later that night on the highway, placed the car on track mode and did a slight pull when the check engine light flashed and disappeared, checked the codes on my Ngauge...
  11. VenomousDeath

    Florida Mak Cat Deletes with stock headers 2015-2021 GT

    car has 7,000 miles, 3,500 miles on exhaust setup. god only knows what shipping cost? $300.00 for cat deletes which already have the factory flange welded in place and the kit also comes with MIL Eliminators to cancel out the Check engine light so no tune is required. drove almsot 4k miles never...
  12. nubdub

    Has anyone used the Anchor Room Paint Protection Film?

    Looking to get PPF for my car and it seems that the Anchor Room PPF is a cheap DIY option that I can use. However, there aren't many reviews of the product so I was wondering if anyone on this forum has tried it out?
  13. Carlos990815

    Steering Lock Fault / Malfunction Service Now! Car Won’t Start! Ford Mustang s550 2015-2020

    Hi All, Does anyone have this issues or has had this issue in the past? I have heard of it, but there isn’t really much info on why this could happen Fault Code Present and Coming from Body Control Module (BCM) on my 2017 Mustang Shelby GT350 is: B1026:87-0A (Steering Column Lock) Funny...
  14. Realism

    Michigan Niche Essen Wheels s550

    Like new Niche Essen Wheels. Fronts are 20x10 and the backs are 21x10.5. Bolt pattern is 5x114.3. The wheels have Michelin Pilot Super Sports on them with 85% tred left. The front tires are 275/35/20 and the Rears are 295/30/21. Wheels have no chips or curb rash and are basically brand new...
  15. FBO5.0

    Stock throw out bearing is too long????

    So I bought an Ace twin disk clutch (part number RSK-300M) for my 2015 Mustang GT, and the OEM throw out bearing is too long for the kit to fit. I called ACE and was told I needed to get throw out bearing part number DR3Z-7A508-A which is used on GT500's from 2010-2014. Apparently it is...
  16. TMracer22


    Selling my JLT 3.0 AOS - Oilc Catch Can. Right side of vehicle and fits following models: 11-17 GT; 12-13 BOSS 302; 15-20 GT350. $110.00 including ground shipping.
  17. Best Tuner in Tri-State Area/Supercharger Opinion

    I am very new to the mustang world and I have no idea where to begin. I’m coming from the JDM world where I played with 4 bangers and turbos. I recently purchased a 2019 GT convertible PP1 and I am trying to make the right choices/purchases to prepare myself for a supercharger. Does anyone know...
  18. 2018 Mustang GT Start Problem

    Hello everyone! Posting here to get some solid advice on what to do. I've endured a long and arduous headache with this car and really don't know who else to turn to. I will try to explain as much as possible and ill provide a video for you all to see. *Please read the video description* Quick...
  19. North Carolina New S550 steeda parts

    Front control arms with tension links for lowered cars. PN# 555-4909. $299 Front camber bolts. #555-4124 $15 Rear FRPP knuckle to toe link bearings $40
  20. S550Felipe

    2017 Mustang GT 6MT Start Sequence.

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how everyone with a 6MT starts their car? I own a 2017 5.0. Currently to start the car I have to press and hold the ignition button then I have to press the clutch in. Is this normal ? I thought the sequence would be opposite, so clutch in and then ignition button...