1. Diablosport Tune is safe?

    I am new to the forum, I have a Mustang gt 2015 50 years edition, recently I had the idea to tune my car, so I bought a diablo sport intune i3. And Yes, I could feel an increase in power and better acceleration, but my question now is, this type of tune is safe for the engine? or am I damaging it.
  2. Canada - BC WANTED: Rear Diffuser for 2015 base GT

    Looking for a diffuser for the base GT. Was interested in something like the Verus engineering one but open to anything that fits the base car. Located in Canada but open to shipping from wherever (Canada or US). Thanks!
  3. Velgen Light Weight Series - VF9 - S550 Mustang

    2021 Ford Mustang GT Velgen Light Weight Series VF9 Gloss Bronze 20x10 | 20x11
  4. GT and Mach 1 engine differences

    Hi, recently I've ordered one Mach 1 (EU version) with aim to get small responsive turbos into it to get past 600hp without rebuilding whole engine, but later discovered this kit https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-6066-M8, however it is explicitly stated that kit is not compatible with...
  5. 2018 mustang Gt weird Knock

    so I have a 2018 mustang Gt with 40k miles now and I know about the famous tick which is normal, but my car seems to “ knock “ but doesn’t sound like a rod knock and also doesn’t continue once I am driving. When I accelerate the noise is gone. Help!
  6. 2015-17 Performance Pack elements

    Hello everyone. Before I start, let me introduce myself. I'm Marco, and I'm I new to this forum, so sorry if (probably) there is already posts like this one. I'm writing from Italy because I love pony (and of course muscle) cars and I just bought an 2016 US model Mustang GT premium with the...
  7. Michigan S550 PARTS

    Sold my car and had left over parts lying around, no need for them and priced to sell! 15-17 Style tail lights. Work perfectly fine but as you can see in the picture, the passenger side one had a little crack on the back but not on the Lens house so no moisture gets it. Already in styrofoam...
  8. S550 Bolton on 93 octane power estimates?

    Hey guys so I’m installing my 1 3/4 cat less long tube headers tomorrow on my 2015 mustang gt and was wondering what numbers you guys are putting down. I've seen a pretty wide spread in terms of power some people making 400, other making 450+. Any recommendations for mods or power estimates...
  9. DIY Supercharger?

    How bad of an idea is it to attempt a DIY centrifugal supercharger kit for a 2015 mustang gt? It always interested me how hard it would be to build your own supercharger kit for an S550 gt. No idea if I would be able to do it as I have extremely limited and basic knowledge of engines and...
  10. EMP Rear Seat Delete Kit

    Hey everyone, Been recently looking at rear seat delete kits. I already have my rear seats taken out and looking for something to cover everything up and give it a quality clean look. I have seen that most people have gone with the alterum kit on americanmuscle (link)...
  11. McQueen Racing Mulholland Wheels [Steeda]

    Introducing the long-awaited McQueen Racing Mulholland Wheels - enjoy! Press Release: https://www.steeda.com/mcqueen-racing-press-release
  12. Order Timing/Tracking

    I’m a recent Mustang convert and new forum member and I am trying to work out order lifecycle timing for myself (see signature for my order details) and others who have a recent order or decide to order in the future so I put together a spreadsheet to track forum member orders. Let me know if...
  13. Mustang rear ended

    I was currently rear ended on the highway the other day in stand still traffic, the truck had a deer guard and it did some pretty extensive damage and he was only going around 10-15 mph. Can anyone tell me what I should suspect with this damage? Frame damage? Cost?
  14. Knock sensor Negative and positive reading

    Hi I have a 2015 mustang gt, only mods I have are a cai and a borla exhaust. Recently had my ac compressor changed and my knock sensor started reading anywhere from -1 too -9 degree depending on the rpm and gear I was in. I will point out my knock sensor always read 0.00 prior too changing my...
  15. Mustang diffuser for daily driving with good downforce and functionality

    What does everyone recommend for a happy medium between daily driving and track diffusers? I’ve been looking at the verus engineering diffuser but worrying about it scraping and clearance. Haven’t been able to check the specs so I don’t know exactly how low it will be. All the other diffusers I...

    Anyone know what this harness is for I recently put on the cobra jet on and couldn’t find what this harness is for, also been having a little idle problem where rpms will hold or very high as it may seem the throttle body will get stuck or I will lose power through my gas pedal Please lmk thank you
  17. Mustang S550 Headlights EU (Washers, Xenon, adjustment etc)

    Hello So I recently I became owner of Mustang S550 (2016). Went to DMV (or whatever it is called in english) to check what needs to changed to make it legal in Europe. They listed 4 problems, all related to lights. Right now the most concerning and confusing is the headlights. Problem / Issue...
  18. BlueMax3.jpg


    Out and about in my new washed Mustang
  19. Mustang King going over our Whipple 3.8L kit for the 2020+ GT500 at Lethal Performance.

    Interested in the NEW 3.8L Whipple for the 2020 GT500? Check out Jared going over the components of our Whipple 3.8L kit and how Whipple continues to be an industry leading supercharger manufacturer...
  20. Ecoboost premium functional yet daily driveable diffuser

    I have rectory been looking at diffusers for my 2016 ecoboost premium. I want something that is good looking and not insanely aggressive that is functional and still daily able. The one issue I have with some track diffusers is how low they hang. Does anyone recommend any that are functional and...