performance pack

  1. Anyone ever shave the brembos down for fitment?

    Saw this video and thought it might be useful for people trying to run more wheel and tire options up front: Adohan also says they shaved 2mm off the brembos for fitment here: I'm interested in trying this, to...
  2. California OEM PP1 Wheels & Tires $950

    Located in Orange County. OEM Performance Pack 1 wheels for sale. Tires are Delinte DH2's and are fairly new. Tread depth is 9/32s on all 4 tires. Local pickup or meetup within 90 miles. Small ding on one of the front rims (pic 4). Price: $950
  3. 2015 Mustang Ecoboost, Guard Green Manual Trans.

    Hey everyone! I am selling my 2015 Mustang Ecoboost Premium (Guard Green/Performance Package/50th Anniversary Package/6 Speed Manual). I preordered the car back in 2014 and I’ve been the only owner since I picked it up Dec. 26th, 2014. It was originally my daily driver, but it turned into a...
  4. Cheapest Performance Pack Brake Kit?

    Thinking about trying to track my car. I have a 2015 Mustang GT Premium Auto. Heard from lots of people to upgrade the brakes to those found on the performance pack before I attempt to track the car. I also like the idea of having better braking as I have even felt my brakes fade on the street...
  5. Florida Gloc-GS1 GT PP Front+Rear Set

    Sold my mustang and ran these for about 5k miles and swapped to my R12 Front and R10 rear for the Track. Hence the box they’re in. Front $200 obo Rear $120 obo Buy Both $300
  6. California WTB Performance Pack Takeoff Spoiler - Lightning Blue Metallic

    Looking for someone's unwanted Performance Pack spoiler. Lightning Blue was only a 2017-2018 color so I'm having trouble finding one.
  7. PP1 Wheels Tire Size Setup Question

    Would there be any noticeable performance improvements running 285/35/Z19 on the rears and 265/35/19 in the fronts instead of the recommended 255/40/19 front and 275/40/19 rear that come with the performance package?
  8. 2015-17 Performance Pack elements

    Hello everyone. Before I start, let me introduce myself. I'm Marco, and I'm I new to this forum, so sorry if (probably) there is already posts like this one. I'm writing from Italy because I love pony (and of course muscle) cars and I just bought an 2016 US model Mustang GT premium with the...
  9. Florida GT350 Center Gauges

    Selling used GT350 Gauges direct swap into PP Cars, Oil Temp and Pressure, used for track. $200 obo
  10. Texas Looking for a black trunk S550

    Hi, i know this is a long shot but i currently have a roush Spoiler on my 2016 GT and i wanna go with something else. The Spoiler goes drilled on a part that would leave the drilled holes visible if i changed the Spoiler so i was wondering if anyone wants to switch with me. You can have the...
  11. Kentucky 2016 Mustang GT PP 48k miles $29.8k OBO

    Located in Beaver Dam, KY 2016 Mustang GT with 48k miles Performance Package. Garage Kept for life. Clean title. 6 speed manual Engine replaced by BF Evans Ford under warranty in 2018 at ~29k miles for the dreaded, yet well-known ticking issue that many others have, and will be hard for you to...
  12. Illinois FS: Performance Pack Wheels + G-Max Tires + TPMS $975

    Selling a set of PP wheels and tires with TPMS. Tires were mounted October 2020. Set came off a 15 GT PP in February 2021 for new wheels. Maybe 3k miles on them. Date code (2720) in the pics. General G-Max 255/40/19 and 275/40/19. Condition is 8/10, 2 wheels have some imperfections. Located in...
  13. Wisconsin 2017 GT Performance Pack Parts

    Hi all, Selling some of the parts I've modded out in my GT. Everything seen here is functional and cleaned. All prices negotiable. Additional photos available on request. Leather hand/parking brake (~9,000 miles). FR3C-2780-BH. $49 Driver side window switch (~2,000 miles). FR3T-14540-AEW...
  14. Pennsylvania 2019 PP1 Tires - PS4S - $300 (Downingtown)

    Bought the mustang used @ 1300 miles. Owner before had exhaust, lowered it and assumed had different wheels on it cause these still look great. Soon as I bought the car I replaced the tires with a winter set. Planning on buying different wheels and these tires will be no longer needed, please...
  15. 2017 GT Base Performance Pack?

    Last year when I bought my used manual 2017 Mustang GT, it was listed as a premium. It has the base rear diffuser and base stereo, however it has the premium leather seats, the 6 piston Brembo front brakes, and the strut tower brace. I'm confused on whether this is just a base GT with...
  16. Cobra Jet vs GT350 Manifold

    I’m looking into doing a swap and I’m not sure which route to go. I currently have a 2019 Mustang GT Premium with the Performance Pack 1. I’ve seen good reviews on both but I’ve noticed the cobra jet is being used more for boosted applications. I don’t want to buy the cobra jet if it’s main...
  17. Tennessee WTB PP1 wheels, GT350 reps, or 5 spoke wheels

    Looking for black PP1, GT 350 , or 5 spoke wheels. In north MS/Memphis TN willing to drive for right deal. Willing to trade wheels
  18. Michigan 2019 PP Torsen 3.73 differential Loaded Iron like new - PRICE DROP !

    I got this off a 2019 GT PP with only 2k miles on it. I never got around to installing it due to CoVID and other stuff so it's essentially like new Differential Housing Torsen Loaded Iron With 3.73 Gears. Manual flange $600 obo. I'd prefer local pickup
  19. Riaction Coilovers: Review/Thoughts

    Normally I just read and don’t post much but since I didn’t find any useful information regarding this product here goes nothing! I’ve owned Mustangs in the past (S197 most recently) and I’m well aware of the bigger more well know suspension companies that offer products for Mustangs. When I...
  20. 2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack

    2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack

    Best run: 12.3 @ 116mph at Great Lakes Dragaway. 2800 DA.