1. Black Beauty

    Black Beauty

  2. Mustang Maverick

    GT 19 GT OEM Hood and Spoiler

    Selling OEM Hood and Spoiler from my 19 GT Vert. Velocity Blue Hood and Black Package Decklid Spoiler. I removed them to install Shelby Super Snake Hood and CDC Outlaw Spoiler. Hood and Spoiler both in virtually new condition. Hood - $400 OBO Spoiler - $50 OBO SOLD
  3. New Jersey 2015 Mustang GT Premium Convertible (OEM)

    Black 2015 Mustang GT Convertible with Premium interior for sale. PICTURES WILL BE UP WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF THIS POST if not already up. 48,9xx miles on it. ASKING PRICE: 26k OBO trying to get rid of ASAP so price is very negotiable The car is mechanically in great condition, only trying to sell...
  4. Used Ecoboost Convertible Mod Plans

    I'm looking for the right Ecoboost Mustang convertible to buy but in the meantime, I've created a list of mods I think I want to do. They're in the order I plan to do them. I wanted to get some input on if I'm missing anything or if I'm going overboard on any of the plans. The car will mostly be...
  5. foxeli

    Tip: Instant Sound Improvement on Shaker Stereo

    I was surprised by how much the nine speaker Shaker system kind of.. sucked. And the rear speakers are useless. But, after playing with the EQ settings, and changing the Occupancy Mode from All Seats to Driver, I noticed an immediate improvement. I can switch the modes back and forth and...
  6. jesus

    Anyone can guess the size of these stripes?

    Hello guys!! I'm replacing my current stripes and gonna have painted ones soon. I found pictures of how I want my stripes to be. However, I couldn't get the width of them as well as the pin stripes and spaces between each. Anyone who can guess the dimensions in these pictures? I used some apps...
  7. VegasSteve2020

    2 'verts

    How many of you owners out there have owned a mustang before? Here is my 2003 GT 'vert and now my '17 GT 'vert.. Yes.. living in Vegas means you gotta have a convertible!
  8. How to fix airbag light after seat

    Hey all I did a seat swap, took out my cloth convertible seats and put in leather coupe seats and got an airbag light. I figured out how to correct that airbag light issue and made a how to video.
  9. Help!! With seat airbag light!!!

    I swapped my convertible cloth seats for coupe leather seats and now I have an airbag code for the curtain airbag error. I no longer have my cloth seats so I'm stuck with the coupe leathers any help resolving the issue would be appreciated!!! I heard I can use s 2.2 ohm resistor but unsure If...
  10. philipchai

    There's no cat-back exhaust that can fit convertible?

    Hi everyone, I have a question about putting cat-back exhaust to a convertible. I know some people said they are able to tight fit magnaflow street edition cat-back on their convertibles but they also mentioned their mechanics had to made some mod to get it fit. Is there any other cat-back...
  11. Virginia Custom V6 Mustang Convertible - Project Car for sale

    Please make an offer on my as-is 1998 3.8V6 Mustang Convertible with after-market cobra body kit and cowl hood. Car runs fine but needs some work. Car has been in storage for many years and it’s time to make some room. Car can be shipped upon receipt of money or you can drive/tow it home from...
  12. TommyCardello

    California EB Stock Springs - $0 - Free

    Stock springs from my 2016 Ecoboost Convertible. $0 - Free for all 4. Can ship, if buyer can pay for shipping.
  13. Mustang Ecoboost Metal Screech

    Hi guys, I have a 2018 mustang ecoboost convertible with the 10 speed automatic transmission. Recently I have been getting a metal on metal screech that lasts not even half a second randomly while driving. The screech can only be heard when the top is down and normally happens once I take off...
  14. 2018 ecoboost convert. unknown sensor

    Hello, guys. Who knows what sensor is it on 2018 ecoboost convert? Was locate here, on the right and on the left:
  15. 2017 Grabber Blue GT California Special Convertible

    2017 Grabber Blue GT California Special Convertible

  16. My Vert

    My Vert

  17. Red One

    Red One

  18. Rick K 1966 Mustang

    Rick K 1966 Mustang

  19. Why "Garage"?

    Why "Garage"?

  20. TJ's Garage

    TJ's Garage