1. Help Me With My Build Sheet (2020 5.0 10 Speed Auto)

    So I'm looking to build my 2020 5.0 to about 750 crank horsepower. I want to go the Procharger route. But I need a bit of help planning it out so I don't accidentally blow up some other internal parts in the car. I've already picked the tires I want, but I need help with everything else... So...
  2. Auto transmission shifter replacement

    Has anyone tried to replace the shifter on their auto transmission to a manual transmission shift knob? Just curious on how I would do the conversion and how much work is possible to make it fit I wanted to put a likewise shifter in my 2016 automatic stang. And yes I know I should have gotten a...
  3. Florida Red Stitching Auto Shifter Bezel

    2019 Automatic Shifter Bezel with Red Stitching. Had to trim slightly when removing, but you can see in the photos where it was folded over and there is still plenty room to secure to shifter $55 obo shipped
  4. Automatic or Manual

    I just want to get everyones views on Automatic vs Manual Mustangs and your views on 6speed vs 10speed
  5. Automatic: Revving on N whilst cruising?

    I know switching it back to Drive will cause bad damage so please don’t roast me. But, if you were to allow revs to go completely back to idle on N whilst cruising before switching it back to D (smoothly with no kind of pull whatsoever). Would that hurt the transmission too? Sometimes that...
  6. Max Hp on a Coyote Auto Trans?

    What is the max rwhp a 2017 coyote 5.0 Auto Transmission can handle before needing to build/ upgrade?
  7. What is the best forum topic?

    We really are a contentious lot here, which is not a bad thing. There would be no discussion if all we did was agree on every topic. Healthy debate can lead to new understanding.
  8. Limiter

    Anyone know if there’s a way to limit the car in drive to 85 miles but maybe if I switch it to sport it can change the limit to full speed? I don’t want to get anymore tickets lol. Figured it was a good idea but I don’t want it just 85 it would be nice if putting it in sport opened up the max...
  9. Florida White Madness Auto Shifter

    For sale is the original White Madness shifter for Automatic Mustangs 2015+. comes with all hardware, this is the original one not available on American Muscle anymore that went for $150 Asking $100 shipped or Local Pickup around Central FL area. Thanks!
  10. PP1 worth it? Turbo Build planning

    So Im looking into buying a 2018-2019 GT Automatic A10 and do a Twin T build for highway street cruising. Ill be buying the car used and doubt ill ever take it to the track. With this in mind, im trying to decide whether or not to buy a car with PP1 package or not. I know there are many...
  11. A10 turbo gear ratio?

    For a 2018-19 GT with automatic 10s trans and twin turbos, which gear ratio is recommended? Trying to decide between buying PP Or non PP and I’m not sure which ratio would be better. 315 standard vs 355 PP? This will be a highway cruise car with zero track use. Do I need the Torsen rear end...
  12. Texas DSS Aluminum Driveshaft | 6r80 | 15-17

    Selling my DSS aluminum driveshaft from my 6r80 car that fits 15-17. It's been on and off my car a few times so I would recommend reaching out to DSS to acquire new pinion bolts as they have signs of stripping. You could use them if you wanted, but price will be reduced for this reason. Comes...
  13. California Torque Converter 15-17 Ford Mustang

    This is an OEM Torque Converter pulled out of a 2015 Mustang GT Premium when I regretfully upgraded to a Circle D converter (that I did not care for) sold the car with the Circle D so I have this as extra. I am Willing to ship it at Buyers Cost and accept PayPal if you are not Local to San...
  14. Virginia '19 GT Premium Coupe - Auto/PP1 - Just driven 100 miles - $37,500

    Year: 2019 Make: Ford Model: Mustang GT Trim: Premium Color: Magnetic Transmission: Automatic 10 speed Mileage: 117 Modifications: None Additional Info: 78 year old dad purchased car 2 weeks ago and is unable to drive car - parked after 3 days PRICE:SALE IS PENDING Contact: [email protected]
  15. Black substance on Auto Trans mount

    Hello all, Recently purchased a lightly used 2016 Mustang GT/CS (auto with 19k miles). Upon purchasing the car, I went to my mechanic to check to see if there are any visible issues with the car's underbody. Apparently, we found some kind of black substance on the transmission mount. Doesn't...
  16. Velocity Blue vs. Magneyic Metallic

    I have my heart set on one of these colors. Problem is I love both colors equally and cannot decide which one to get. What do you guys think about either of these colors? My favorite color is blue but I think the Mustang looks so badass in magnetic. If it helps, I’m getting a Coupe with the...
  17. Poll: 2018 Owners - Auto or Manual

    This is a poll if you own a 2018 Mustang GT - do you own a manual or an automatic car? Make your selection to vote! **ALSO** - If you have a manual car with an aftermarket clutch - post or PM what clutch you're running - I'm really curious what aftermarket clutches people are running.
  18. Roush.RS


  19. Dorothy: 2015 Ruby Red V6

    Dorothy: 2015 Ruby Red V6

  20. DIY: 3D Print Slim KeyFob

    Hey everyone, I designed my own slim keyfob. Standard keyfob goes from 20mm to 8mm! I just wanted to share it here if anyone whats to download it and try it out. It's for an automatic 2016 GT (5 button), the buttons also work. Download here: I...