1. Toggle Switches and Radio Control Knobs

    Hello reader! I know this may be a far-fetched idea/ask, but is anyone willing and able to complete a project for me, and other likeminded individuals? Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources or knowledge to undertake it myself. Please see below. I have a 2017 Mustang GT Premium, and one...
  2. North Carolina 2017 OEM Turn Signals + Fog Lights Bezels, OPT7 Diffused Turn Signals

    Replaced turn signals and foglights with aftermarket parts, they're dirty but I can clean them up before shipping them out, $120 per side Plus Shipping Also have a brand new pair of OPT7 Diffused Turn Signals, $125 Shipped

    Email me [email protected] Looking for a 2015-2017 performance pack, manual, supercharged mustang gt for $31k or less. Prefer to have less than 30k miles but I'll still entertain all offers. Closer to Michigan the better
  4. Apple CarPlay issue

    Does anyone know why Apple CarPlay always disconnects randomly and won’t connect again until I turn the car off and on again. I already attempted switching lightning cables but still didn’t stop it. Also would there be a way to fix it like maybe swapping the screen? To an updated screening or...
  5. EOM Ford pass connect modem for 2015-2017

    Does any know if there’s a way to install the ford pass connect modem to a 2015-17 mustang like the newer mustangs. I want to be able to remote start my car with my phone or have it turn on automatically at set times to heat up or cool down. I want to be able to track it, or have WiFi from the modem
  6. Bavarian EcoBoost

    Bavarian EcoBoost

  7. Performance Pack Spoiler

    Hi there! Anyone happen to install a 2018+ Performance Pack spoiler on their 2015-2017 Mustang? If so, do you have any pictures? My 2017 has the small spoiler blade and I wanted to make the upgrade. I understand they use the same holes, but I wanted to see if there are any problems I would run...
  8. MyPro5.0

    California Mustang GT Sema Build W/ Low Miles

    This car is my wife’s and was one of our Sema builds! This car was in Sema for a total of 2 years, once with Streetglow and once with Fondmetal Wheels! This car is as Clean as it get and is a 2016 with a manual transmission aswell as only 24,000 miles! Wifey wants to start a new build so...
  9. ExoticPonyMods

    New Product: 2015-2020 EPM Mustang Sequential Taillight Replaceable Assembly 2018 style EURO AUS

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! It's been a while since ExoticPonyMods posted anything on this forum. We have made another product which adds triple amber triple red signals to the AUS EURO Mustang rear lights. This can be seen as an upgrade from the 3A3R LED upgrade kits we have created 2 years...
  10. MyPro5.0

    California Sema Build Mustang Low Miles

    This car is my wife’s and was one of our Sema builds! This car was in Sema for a total of 2 years, once with Streetglow and once with Fondmetal Wheels! This car is as Clean as it gets and is Supercharged. Car has only 24,000 miles! Dyno’d at 615 WHP and 508 TQ! Wifey wants to start a new...
  11. derand

    Canada - Ontario 2016 Shelby GT350 for sale

    This GT350 is the top of the line, track ready Mustang developed by Ford Performance. The 5.2L, flat-plane crankshaft V8 engine puts out 526 Horsepower and sounds like nothing put out by Ford before, with Magnaflow Valved exhaust from the factory. This particular GT350 is fully loaded, featuring...
  12. Virginia GT350 Base for sale

    Year: 2016 Mileage: 29500 Transmission: manual Color: deep impact blue condition: 9/10 (very small rock chip in good) Price: 42500 I love this car I’ve decided I want to go another route and get a nitrous c6 z06 corvette. The car was just ceramic coated as well as the tires were just replaced...
  13. TheBanditKing

    Airbag Cluster Light stays on

    My 2016 Mustang GT with 15k miles just started doing this at random. The airbag light on the gauge cluster just randomly started coming on with the return of warm weather. I've taken this to the dealer twice now and they see the codes (sadly I don't have them on hand) but said there were two...
  14. khannected

    Oregon FS: 2015+ Corsa Xtreme Catback Exhaust - Brand new in box

    Selling brand new Corsa Xtreme catback exhaust with polished 4.5” tips for Mustang GT. 2015+ This is brand new in box, still wrapped and packaged. I opened the box to look at it and that’s it. I had to sell my car so I don’t need the exhaust system anymore. Asking $1050. Selling at a loss...
  15. GT350R Radio Delete

    I am looking to buy a radio delete panel from a gt350r ... if you are a part owner or a store selling parts that have one available, I have cash available or paypal payment...
  16. GT 2016 Mustang PP with 45,000 Miles

    2016 Mustang GT $23,500 Columbia, SC 2016 Mustang GT with performance package Tinted windows Boundary Sprocket and oil pump gears Premium Sound system with 8 in display aftermarket speakers and Alpine amp PMAS Cold air and gt350 intake Lund Tune MRR GT 350 Rims 19x11 in rear 19x10 in front New...
  17. OxWhiteEB

    EcoBoost FS: 2016 Ecoboost Premium Auto 20k Miles (Parting Out Next Week)

    *EDIT: PRICE DROP AS THE CAR IS STOCK ALREADY. (Except for Wrap, Rear Diffuser, Wheels and Spoiler) Dealer Wants $19,000. KBB is valued at $20,000ish Hey everyone, It is finally time to sell my car as I am in the market for another car, I am returning the car to stock next week and will sell it...
  18. Poynter741

    2016 factory gt/cs pedestal spoiler. Like new no scratches swirls or paint issues. 200$ obo

    1500 miles on it all city. No scratches or issues. Shadow black (G1). 400$ obo.
  19. 10SpeedDemon

    2015 - 2019 mustang strut tower brace OEM

    These were taken of a few brand new 2018 Mustang GT’s. Will fit any 2015 - 2019 Mustang OEM PART I’m asking $165 (each) & I have 4 I am willing to ship Also local pickup (I’m in Charlotte, NC)
  20. AZGT

    2016 Ford Mustang GT Premium