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Shelby GT350 Mustang Discussions of the 2015+ Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustang

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Old 07-13-2017, 02:55 PM   #1

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Dean Martin's GT4 Mustang

Multimatic learned quite a bit with the recent GT350R-C car and you can see much of it with the latest GT4 effort. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity for a pretty thorough study last weekend when Dean Martin and his Kohr Motorsport team came to Mosport up in Bowmanville, Ontario to run in the Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge. A second car being run by the Volt team was there as well. Anyway, I'll share what I can here and hope it provides some insight into just what goes into these cars. And maybe you'll decide to click and add one to your cart.


This car is a beast.

The car starts off as a body in white with a FIA-compliant roll cage and a seam welded body. The engines are done by Roush and restricted to certain class requirements. It uses a CPC crank and not a FPC. The TR3160 6 speed the GT350R-C cars used is gone and has been replaced with a Holinger sequential gearbox. An aftermarket one-piece aluminum driveshaft replaces the typical two-piece steel S550 shaft. The rear axle housing uses a Torsen differential with stock Ford axles. Brakes are all Brembo, six piston up front and four piston out back.

Starting off with the interior cabin, these cars are all business. You can see numerous fiber pieces along with a host of safety, data acquisition, and communications equipment everywhere you look.

The engine uses the regular GT intake manifold, ducting, and airbox. The GT350R-C car used the system from the GT350 but this car doesn't have that luxury. I believe the tubular exhaust manifolds are from the GT350 with the exhaust all custom after that.

Dry sump oil reservoir.

True dual exhaust system, just as God intended.

The aforementioned Brembo brake system stops this badboy on a dime. The fronts...


The Dynamic Suspesnion (Multimatic's own) DSSV 2-way coilover dampers (bump and rebound) are absolutely state of the art.


Atop the front struts are Multimatic's own camber plates. State of the art, they allow quick, repeatable camber changes by simply moving shims from one side to the other. Note the stitch welds on the strut tower, done via mig in ~1" beads with about an inch of space in between.

Sorry guys, if you want these for your street going Mustang, they aren't going to work with your production style struts and suspension. Price is just under 1k per side if you want them anyway.

Rear dampers...

Not to be out done by the front, the rear suspension uses a pretty trick sway bar that ties into a gorgeous CNC billet aluminum lower control arm.

The cars were using a fabricated arm which was recently upgraded to the hardware you see here.

The Continental series require Continental tires, naturally. On nothing less than the best - Forgeline. Wheel studs and lug nuts are from MSI Racing in Mooresville, NC.



The body is a mix of stock GT350 and Multimatic fabricated carbon fiber panels. To begin with, the hood, easily the most eye catching short of the massive rear wing. This baby is all fiber.

Hood latches are from Aerocatch.

Want one?


The doors are not to be outdone either. Feather light with a perfect fit.

The grill panel behind the honeycomb is from the GT350R which utilizes a slightly smaller opening than that of the non-R GT350. Front hook can be purchased from the Ford Racing catalog.

The lower, outside fascia openings are completely blocked off behind their respective honeycomb panels. The idea is to reduce excess airflow into the engine bay and its subsequent lift. The GT4 cars don't place coolers there ala the factory GT350 anyway.

The canards, or dive planes used up front are CF (but formerly sheet aluminum prior to homolgation) and are purely for aero, 100%.

They attach to the fender as well as the CF splitter below.

The splitter, yet another Multimatic custom CF piece, attaches to the body at the stock pickup points as well as via a pair of cable lanyards.

The rear wing was optimized for drag as much as it was for downforce. It is simply gorgeous.

Ignore the silly blue car that interrupted my all important wing documentation.

Miscellaneous. Fuel system...

Axle vent...

Air jack system and safety blocks...

I have a bit more to share but wanted to get this much up first. Dean/Kohr and Multimatic have worked very hard to make this happen. In my view they have a fantastic job with it. What do you think?

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Nicely done detailed pics
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Brilliant photos...............gorgeous GT4. And Dean's a great guy
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So awesome, thanks for posting up the photos
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Cool Shit...
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Amazed as I kept scrolling, awesome pics thanks for sharing!
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Those camber plates are sex!
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Great pics - lots of detail.... thanks for sharing.

I can say from experience, that stitch welding is very labor intensive. Been doing a bunch of it lately on my '65 Mustang vintage racer.......


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Awesome stuff @Epiphany
Thanks for posting
Amazing access and pics!

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Is the HP reported anywhere?
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I had the good fortune of visiting their shop which is right down the road from my house about 8 weeks ago and saw the cars up on the lift..... So much want.....

I am having Dean and team do the install of my lowering springs, camber plates and a few other small items. Very excited to have such a professional performance shop close by to do the work on my car.

For anyone who has never talked to Dean before, couldn't be a nicer guy, never once did he make me feel unwelcome or too good to talk to me about the work on the car. It was a very refreshing experience compared to some of the other shops I have been to in the past.
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Weren't the first GT350R-C's using the FPC's? I could have sworn I remember reading an article about the sound being what made them easily recognizable during the Continental championship. Awesome pics, thanks. And yeah, stitch welding was always done on the BMW race cars too. It was one of those signs of someone's car having gone off the deep end into being a race car.
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Really awesome thread. Keep the pics and info coming!
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Wow it's like having access to God's shop just before he created humanity!! Nice write up as always Epiphany! If those canards are ever available I'll take a set!
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