Starting issues intermittently after long tube header install

Discussion in 'V8 5.0L Engine / Mods: Bolt-ons, Exhaust, Tuning' started by BrianGT2015, May 31, 2020.

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    Okay, I have a 2015 GT, 6 speed. Put long tube headers and a 2018 intake manifold on it.
    sometimes when I start the car I get a really hard, vibration, and it starts but it's like I don't know seems like it might be binding or teeth are not meshing up perfectly. It's not a grinding sound like a typical starter issue. It lasts for 1-2 seconds and goes away.

    Here are my thoughts.

    1. Motor mount came loose and for some reason during start up it's shaking really bad at first.
    2. Second thought I might have a kinked vacuum line that opens up when air starts going through it properly.
    3. Starter is going bad. I have experienced a starter going out before but this does not seem like it.

    I have drove the car extremely hard since install with no issues what so ever at speed 145 MPH plus. Motor doesn't have any idle issues. Sometimes you will see a little fluctuation in the rpms. Not really what I would consider abnormal but a little more noticeable. oem Vacuum gauge on dash sits at about 20-21 hg. at idol. Sometimes when driving I notice the shift not has a little more vibration to it. I figured that just come from the vibration from the long tubes. Any ideas would be helpful. It's a small issue. I don't believe its a motor issue.

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