1. Ferazza

    *Done* with the Eco platform... I think.

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster: My 2016 Ecoboost Mustang is the first car I ever bought new. Tonight, it's sitting in the frigid cold on top of Black Mountain between Asheville and Old Fort, NC all by itself. For the second time in about 6 months, it is effectively dead. Let me share my...
  2. Belalk

    e85 on 2019 Ecoboost

    Hey I'm thinking about running e85 on my 2019 ecoboost, it doesn't have any aftermarket mods other than a BOV. Other than tuning the car to run e85 is there any other mods I need to get in order for it to be able to run e85 with no problems?
  3. New Jersey WTB: pony package upper/lower grille (EcoBoost 2018)

    Hi all, looking to purchase pony package upper and lower grille EcoBoost 2018.
  4. Mustang vs GTI, Concerned with Handling

    I will be getting a new car soon and I've narrowed down my choices between an EcoBoost and a GTI. I'm currently driving a F30 328i for reference. Since I don't have a family, practicality isn't really a concern other than loading road bike or a Labrador from time to time. EcoBoost is bad on...
  5. Louishimself

    Tennessee Major Ecoboost partout

    Located near Nashville, TN. PayPal goods and services or cash. Koni sport shocks and struts $400 shipped SVE coilovers $600 shipped (used for 1 day) TMI sport seat brackets $180 shipped (unused), work with all kinds of aftermarket seats Boomba aux fuel rail (has a few chips) $120...
  6. acull2000

    Mustang for sale UK £22,995

    Race Red Coupe (Ebony Leather) 2.3L Ecoboost (317 PS, 432Nm) Manual (6 speed) 38,590 miles 1 owner from new, well looked after. Full Service History (from main Ford dealer, all stamps present) with recent service 12/01/21 and MOT until Jan 2022. Custom Pack: Upgraded "Shaker Pro" premium audio...
  7. California FS: Stock 2018 Mustang ecoboost convertible with digital cluster (P201) - 35K miles- 19000

    Selling price: 19000 mustang ecoboost premium convertible with P201A package (worth 2k) -Digital LED Instrument Cluster -heated steering wheel and front seats -remote start/unlock via fordpass/alexa -android auto/apple carplay Mileage: 35.8k miles at time of posting and comes with Ford...
  8. Roaring noise coming from right rear tire area

    Hello I have a decent idea of what is wrong but I am just trying to see what others think. I own a 2018 mustang EB auto that’s full stock. I recently hammered it over a concrete drain hole going about 45-50 and chipped off part of my right rear aluminum rim and warped it. Since then the car is...
  9. Mikthehun1

    What is the best forum topic?

    We really are a contentious lot here, which is not a bad thing. There would be no discussion if all we did was agree on every topic. Healthy debate can lead to new understanding.
  10. D_OKC

    Mustang ecoboost turbo flutter. This can’t be good, is there a solution?

    This can’t be good, is there a solution? The only modification I have is a Roush CAI


    Hi Everyone, I literally signed up for this forum, for this specific issue. I have a Mustang EcoBoost 2015. As most of you know the door is frameless (in regards to the window) which is why the window has an automatic short drop to clear the rubber lining when opening and closing the door...
  12. Black Beauty

    Black Beauty

  13. What did everyone pay for their EcoBoost?

    Just curious what everyone paid for their EcoBoost when new?
  14. Ohio Sold

    I have a NIB CVF street Intercooler and charge pipes in black for sale. They have both been out of the boxes and handled around the shop, but have no miles on them. Asking $500 shipped for both via PayPal. If you have any question feel free to contact me. Thanks
  15. Ethanwalz11

    MBRP exhaust tip twisting

    Hi, I have a 19' eco automatic, and I put on a mbrp street cutback on my car back when I got it in mid November. Sounds great and all, but recently the tips have been giving me fits. The right tip won't stay on straight and twists fully every time I drive the car more than 2 mins. I have tried a...
  16. crimson_crowd_eater

    Tennessee Base GT 4 Piston Brake Pads and Rotors

    Base GT pads and rotors, good upgrade for S197 and Ecoboost base cars. $100 OBO; buyer pays shipping (but I wouldn't recommend it) or local pickup in 37067. Pads front & rear have 10mm left, about 85% life. Rotors are free of cracks and warps.
  17. crimson_crowd_eater

    Tennessee 2018 GT Front Sway Bar with End Links

    I figure this would be a fairly cheap and good upgrade for any Ecoboost owners. $60 OBO; buyer pays shipping or local pickup in 37067.
  18. whinin

    South Carolina 2015-2017 Ecoboost Flywheel and Clutch Disc

    Selling some things I have leftover from when I had the Ecoboost. Both of these are new never opened. McLeod Ceramic Clutch Disk - $175 Fidanza Billet Aluminum Flywheel - $325 I'll sell them both at $500 shipped...
  19. Louishimself

    Tennessee WTB ecoboost big turbo

    Open to most options. NX2, EFR, vargas
  20. Velocity Raptor

    Velocity Raptor