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How to fix your bumper gap (easy way)

Dealer wasn't a choice for me with the tsp. I knew they will make it worst or damage something else. I took off to bumper and followed the DIY and didn't work out well. In the process of doing it I broke the Rear inner bumper tab under the deck lid. Thank God you can't even see it and it doesn't leave a gap or anything. The bumper and the brackets on these cars are so fragile.


What you need to do is take off the tail lights and you have to drill a small hole on the corner of the bumper under the the tail light.

You need 2 screw with a nice flat top and wide diameter head. ( I used whatever I had)
Also need 2 u nuts.

Push the bumper in as much as you can and close the gap. While holding it drill small hole on the corner through the bumper and the black color bracket under it. After, slide the u nut on the black bracket and while pushing/ holding the bumper to close the gap, put the screw in and tighten.

Again, is up to you if you want to do this but I guarantee you this is the best method to fix your gap and is the easiest way to do it just take off your tail light and shouldn't take more than 30 min.
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