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SCCA SUSQ Autocross Event (Fall 2015)

Took the car up to an SCCA AutoX event this weekend in Hershey, PA. First off, this car handles 10x better than my '11 GT ever did. That includes with lowering springs, lower control arms, relocation brackets, shocks/struts, etc. With that said - AutoX was an absolute blast this weekend.

With the current modifications on my car, I was at a crossroads. By putting on an aftermarket cold air intake, I was kicked out of my initial (and fair) class of F-Street (FS) and into Street Touring Ultra (STU). So, I went from racing other Mustangs and BMW 1, 2 and 3 series to racing in classes that hold prepped 350Zs and Corvette C5's. So, I really focused on racing myself and learning the car more than anything else.

Out on the track, it was actually really hard to get the car sideways. Yes, it was actually that planted. The only thing that I felt was lacking was straight-line acceleration, which can be expected from a four cylinder. Hopefully a couple more mods and a more aggressive tune will take care of that issue. Conditions were mostly dry for both days - so the accelerometer read some pretty good numbers for both stock suspension and wheels/tires!

Saturday Best Run Video/Accelerometer:

Sunday Best Run Video/Accelerometer:

One other thing that needs attention is wheel hop. Obviously not a big deal for AutoX, but I plan on picking up some Steeda parts to get rid of the excessive wheel hop that's extremely noticeable in the beginning of both videos.

Happy to say that on Sunday I was within 7/10th's of a second of getting a trophy. Really getting the hang of this car and hopefully taking it out again for another event this weekend before the weather gets too cold.

A few photos:

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