1. Roush Stage 3 owners?

    New member here. I have a 2015 Roush Stage 3. First off, I'm a lady driver and am looking for some good tips on autocross for fun. Best drive modes, tires and safety. I need TRACTION! I purchased a 2011 GT 6spd last year and was working my way up to my Roush with autocross, skid car class and a...
  2. Roush Cat-Back and Axle-Back Dual Muffler Tip - Brand New

    For sale is a brand-new OEM Roush dual muffler tip that comes with the Roush Cat-Back Exhaust Kit 422093 for 2018+ Mustang GT. It also comes with the Roush Axle-Back Exhaust Kit 422097. It clamps on to a 2 ½ muffler exhaust pipe. It can be clamped in place of your current Roush single tip...
  3. Upgrading axle to catback, worth it?

    After 1 year it has come to my attention that my car was fitted with a roush axle-back instead of a catback by accident…. Is it worth sourcing or making the missing pipes and having these replaced in terms of performance, or is it really not that much of a difference? I got an EB with lund...
  4. Texas Looking for a black trunk S550

    Hi, i know this is a long shot but i currently have a roush Spoiler on my 2016 GT and i wanna go with something else. The Spoiler goes drilled on a part that would leave the drilled holes visible if i changed the Spoiler so i was wondering if anyone wants to switch with me. You can have the...
  5. Maryland WTB: 2015-2017 Roush Heat Extractors

    Hello! Looking to buy a set of 2015-2017 Roush heat extractors/hood vents. Prefer shadow black, but I’m willing to buy any color as long as they’re in good condition. Willing to drive a reasonable distance, or pay shipping.
  6. Michigan Roush Cold Air Intake and Coil Covers (Red)

    Roush Cold Air Intake for 2015-17 Mustang GT, no Venturi tube. Tune will be required. Roush coil covers and Outerwear filter guard also included. $350 +shipping
  7. H Pipe vs X Pipe vs Y Pipe

    Which one is your favorite? What are the pros and cons to them?
  8. Front end accident 4/15/21

    Saw some threads about accidents felt like posting mine. Pickup hauling a big camper switched lanes in the shittiest area possible, causing his campers stairs to grab my front end and tear it, other driver is trying to claim I switched lanes into him(wish I had a dash cam now, I was going...
  9. Roush Axle-Back Exhausts for EcoBoost 2015-2020

    Used brand new but for $400. Trying to get rid of them ASAP. So price is negotiable.
  10. Cj pony parts/ American Muscle discount Codes.

    I’m looking to Buy a roush CAI for my mustang GT. Also BMR cradle lock out kit and a set of Vert links. do we have any discount codes I could use ?
  11. Florida BEST OFFER: ROUSH Axle-Back+ Ford performance xpipe!

    Hey boys and girls, Selling my used -2018-2021 Mustang 5.0 L GT ROUSH Axle-Back Exhaust Kit PART #: 422097 -Ford Performance Cut and Clamp Resonator Delete X-Pipe (15-21 GT) Item 384705 Please PM your offer location: Miami area
  12. Recent P0430 Code on Mustang V6 2015

    Hi, last friday a CEL popped up. P0430 code (Only one). P0430 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2). I have no mods (stock cats, no CAI, no headers), Ran only on stock Tune. Only "mod" is a Roush AxleBack. I cleared the code and added a "cat cleaner" additive. Today, the light &...
  13. Nevada WTB 18+ supercharger

    I’m looking for a used supercharger kit for a 18+ 5.0. Hopefully can save a dime going this route. Preferably a Pro charger or whipple, but I’ll definitely look at anything that’s a good deal. Thanks!
  14. Misc parts- Weather tech Mats/ Roush Scoop/ Black Hood Vents

    Cleaning out my garage sale! Pickup in Houston, TX area Not sure about shipping, but don't think it would be much for the smaller items. Prices are pickup, but can work out something with shipping. Project 6GR windshield banner & license plate cover - $20 or $10 each 15-17 Black OEM Hood Vent...
  15. Roush exhaust vs Stock

    Does anybody know how the exhaust tips compare size wise to stock on the 18+ GT? To me they look like they fit smaller in the diffuser. Any input?
  16. 19 Gt stalling on lights on drive mode / rough idle

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has solved this issue on my 2019 Mustang Gt 10 speed im at 23 k miles with a build date of 7/18 took it in twice to get this worked on it hard to solve the problem when no lights pull up on the dash and this issue is intermittent. So what happens is when im at...
  17. Best Tuner in Tri-State Area/Supercharger Opinion

    I am very new to the mustang world and I have no idea where to begin. I’m coming from the JDM world where I played with 4 bangers and turbos. I recently purchased a 2019 GT convertible PP1 and I am trying to make the right choices/purchases to prepare myself for a supercharger. Does anyone know...
  18. Roush single adjustable coilovers

    I have roushs single adjustable coilovers on my 2015 mustang. When the rear end flexes going over bumps or speed bumps, things like that, the rear suspension creaks like if I was walking on a creaky wooden floor, any ideas how to quiet it up? Do I need to tighten anything or grease anything? Thanks
  19. Roush Axle back Drone v6 2015

    I have a 2015 v6 only mod is the Roush AB. Everything else stock. It drones a lot. I love the sound and the loudness of it, so changing setup isn’t an option for me. But while cruising on highways it gets very annoying. It feels like a sub-woof blasting medium to high level. It rattles my whole...
  20. 2.3L vs 3.2 or 2.9

    Just curious Speaking for a gen 1 coyote, I’ve read multiple forums where I’ve been told a 2.8l or 3.2l twin screw blower would be disappointing vs a 2.3l blower? Just wondering why ? Do bigger superchargers have more top end and less low end or do they take longer to come in what’s the...