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  1. Virginia Diode Dynamics Taillight Sequencer

    For sale are a pair of Taillight sequencer from Diode Dynamics. Should be compatible with any 2015+ S550 Mustang. 100% Plug and Play. $60 shipped.
  2. Diode Dynamics DRL/Demon Eye Wiring Issue

    Hey everyone, forgive me if this question has been asked before but I am new to the forum and didn't think I saw the answer to my question. So I recently purchased a gt350 and it's fantastic but the previous owner performed the Diode Dynamics headlight mods using what I guess could be considered...
  3. Virginia WTB: 2018+ Multicolor DRL LED Boards

    On the off chance anyone has some lying around, let me know.
  4. LED Turn Signal Recommendations??

    Hey there! I own a 17 GT, and wanted to change those ugly turn signals in the front ever since day 1. I installed the switchbacks from diode dynamics and now I have the OPT-7 sequential lights. I am unfortunately not having a great time with OPT-7 as they began flickering, and customer service...
  5. Diode Dynamics Mustang S550 DRL Tri Bar RGBW/A - Important Information Before Install!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm glad to meet all of you. I know that this thread is long but please read it regardless as it will save you potentially so much time and future issues with your RGBW or RGBWA kits from Diode Dynamics. I had to remove my front bumper 5+ times to...
  6. LED lights/sto n sho

    Selling diode dynamics LED switchback turn signals with LED turn signal marker light, LED reverse light . Looks amazing $40 shipped Sto n sho license plate relocation kit NON PP CARS All hardware $40 shipped Or $70 for both shipped.
  7. Roxanne


  8. Photo shoot of our 2016 Magnetic Metallic Mustang GT on Forgestar CF5V wheels

    Here are some pictures from our photo shoot this weekend. 2016 Magnetic Metallic Mustang GT. Huge thanks to Mike Kuhn from Mike Kuhn Racing for the photo shoot! Everything we put on this car we are also a dealer for. Moddiction You can follow us on Instagram Moddiction...
  9. Alton's 2017 Race Red GT350 (SICK shots)

    So many of you have already followed my previous build thread for my 2015 GT Vert, and now it's time for a new journey. Here's the link to the previous vehicle if anyone's interested: http://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32520 Long story short, I got a call about a '17 Avalanche...
  10. Customer Service & Satisfaction

    I have seen a few other threads under DD that rave about their customer service. As a consumer and a customer of many DD products, I think it is important for me to mention the fantastic customer service and wonderful products from Diode Dynamics. I have had a great track record with the...
  11. DIY : How to install lighted side markers to the EU 'Stang!

    !!! IMPORTANT !!! Like YLA G said, please don't cut the cables of the new Side marker, the Electronic is inside ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This are the US version of the sidemarkers. When I placed my order, the EU version was not yet available...
  12. NOTAV8's CO 2015 EcoBoost PP Build

    The Build Thread: Hey Guys - I wanted to start a build thread to not only give others inspiration (as some have for me) but also to keep a timeline throughout the life of this "Pumpkin". Still haven't come up with a name for her yet... A little about myself -- My name is Chris and I work in...
  13. Finally got my Diode Dynamics LED Board Installed

    Had it in the box for awhile and finally had it installed. Satisfied with the product wish i ddnt have to use the wifi remote to turn the LED tri bars on and off. but still satisfied great job Diode :cheers: Diode Dynamic LED Board w Amber Sequential Feature: [ame=""]
  14. *NEW* Diode Dynamics Sidemarkers!

    New from Diode Dynamics: LED side marker lights for 2015+ Mustangs. Available in 3 colors: Red, Smoked and Clear. Red, clear, and smoked lens options Plug and play, no tools required. Optical reflector pattern and LED focal strip Powerful SMD LEDs with constant-current driver Non-polar...
  15. Diode Dynamics S550 Mustang Rear LED Side Markers Are Here!

    Diode Dynamics S550 Mustang Rear LED Side Marker Pair (15-16 All) | SAS-1071 Product Benefits - Red, clear, and smoked lens options - Easy plug and play installation, no tools required - Optical reflector pattern and LED focal strip - Powerful SMD LEDs with constant-current driver - Non-polar...
  16. Project "5TYLYEN 3000"

    I'm new to Mustangs, so this is my first Mustang and I'm sure it won't be my last. I work overseas in Afghanistan and purchased my Mustang with the U.S. military cars rep on site 9/22/2014 and received my car 11/22/14 in Chester, VA. All black GT Premium (No Brembo), everything was stock down...
  17. Ruby Red Imperial Guard!

    Mustang: Premium 400A, ruby red, black accent pkg, black roof, redline recaros, 3.55 gears, 6R80 trans. Engine & Exhuast: Frankenstien Dynamics CNC ported heads Manly valves/valve springs Comp Cams custom ground cams (RPG racing engines NA spec) ARP Head studs MMR OPG/Sprocket MMR Chains MMR...
  18. DD switchbacks flicker

    I have just noticed tonight that my Diode Dynamics switchbacks are flickering randomly. Has anyone else had this happen?
  19. GTFO Squad DIODE DYNAMIC equipped

    Diode Dynamic Switch Back Equipped S550s Instagram: @GTFO_SQUAD