UPDATE - 89 days at the dealer - Ford Service Engineer in-person assessment - new steering rack - not fixed


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Jan 21, 2018
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I just found a sample contract. Wow. After reading through that, I'm amazed. If I understand everything correctly, the best you can hope for is a pro-rated refund of the plan price if they fail to deliver.

https://www.floodfordesp.com/Ford ESP/Forms/Ford_ESP_Sample_Contract.pdf

I'm no lawyer, but I feel of specific interest are their exclusions to troubleshooting costs, zero provisions for loss of use, and (non)binding arbitration with BBB.

There are enough "outs" for them in the contract that there's no way I'd consider purchasing.

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Feb 12, 2015
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Unfortunately your vehicle is a 2016. Even though you state you only have 8,000 miles on it, the 3/36 is most likely expired by default due to exceeding 36 (3 years) from the original purchase date.

You do still have the 5/60 Powertrain in play, but I do not believe the 5/60 covers the steering assembly. Someone else can confirm exactly all the parts covered by the 5/60.

According to the .gov Colorado Lemon Law statements - your vehicle would have qualified for a Buy Back IF:

1) the vehicle is out of service for repairs for a cumulative total of thirty (30) or more business days during the warranty term or one year after original delivery, whichever comes first.

2) Under the law, a “reasonable number of attempts” to repair a defect applies when the same defect remains after it has been subject to repair four (4) or more times within the first year after the date of original delivery.

The above is the basics right from the CO .gov site:
https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/si...ado’s Lemon Law For Consumers and Dealers.pdf

The “Warranty Term” as mentioned in #1 above is what many State Lemon Law verbiage refers to as the new car Warranty (in this case, the Ford 3/36) not the subsequent 5/60 or ESP. If it had been a Hyundai, then their new car Warranty is 5/60k, with the subsequent 10/100k Powertrain.

HOWEVER due to the age of your vehicle at this point in time, the (2) CO Lemon Law limitations noted above have been exceeded and there’s no way that CO State Lemon Law, the BBB Autoline or Ford would entertain a Lemon Buy Back now. If you were still within your 3/36, I would say for certain you had a chance for a Buy Back.

If you were to back track on the initial Service Center visit, would the car still have been under the 3/36, or would it have still been expired then?


Also, here’s some clarity regarding Ford Warranty provisions, here’s (2) important pieces to understand - the 3/36 and 5/60.

1) 3/36 = Bumper to Bumper New Car Warranty
2) 5/60 = Powertrain Warranty (engine, trans & rear, etc)

ANY ESP purchased, be it Ford OR Aftermarket Company - that ESP runs concurrently with the 3/36 and the 5/60. It starts at the original purchase date NOT after the 3/36 or 5/60. This is also mentioned in fine print within the ESP literature.

That means IF your vehicle is going into the shop for any repairs and the vehicle still has the 3/36 - those repairs will be covered under the 3/36 FIRST - the ESP does not even come into play!

If the 3/36 expires, and say you have a Powertrain issue - that falls under the 5/60 Powertrain Warranty and any repairs would be repaired as such - again the ESP does not come into play!

If your 3/36 AND the 5/60 are expired either by mileage accrual OR years (whichever comes first), only THEN does the ESP kick in. The ESP also would only cover repairs as outlined in the ESP Plan, so even though many owners buy (or are talked into) an ESP, it does not mean “everything is still covered” - always read the fine print as to what is not covered before buying any ESP.

So with the above out of the way - don’t waste money with any Lawyers at this point. It will be futile and only more frustrating.

You could open a Case with Ford Corp via the 800# and get a Regional CSR (if you have not already), but again I’m not sure what you can gain from it.

Remember - the entire world is locked into a Pandemic where labor, supply chain and manufacturing is taking a major hit along with major delays. It’s not an excuse as to what you are dealing with, it’s just the current facts. I’ve been there as you back in 2016/17 w/ my prior 2016 that was bought back - so trust me, I feel your frustrations and know the “battles”. I’m probably one of the biggest advocates on this site for getting people made whole.

You can try the angle with a Regional Rep for compensation such as asking for reimbursement of car payments (if financed) for the length of time the car was down AND see if they will also oblige with a Ford Maintenance Plan. Not guaranteeing it - but if you’re professional with the Rep you may gain some ground.
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Feb 8, 2019
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I might try putting a healthy dollop of thick grease on the rubber flange on the spring seats isolators but just one side at a time. Granted if both left and right are lubed and the sound doesn't go away then nothing was solved...


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