Diagnosing a trouble code (fuel pressure low + high)


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Sep 8, 2016
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I don't see a lot of this, so it sounds like this condition is something not too common. So thanks in advance for any brainpower :)

Twice, after a two day track event in the summer, on the drive home I have gotten a P0088 and P0087 trouble code at the same time. One is fuel pressure too high, the other is fuel pressure too low. I took this to the Ford dealer, and they "flashed the PCM." Of course I was skeptical.

It's back. After a two day track event with no signs on track, I'm heat soaked and driving in 98 degree weather for 200 miles. I did not wait very long to cool down after the event (which I regret), but about 40 miles in the car starts to surge under acceleration, my gas mileage goes down, as the computer seems to put in extra fuel and limp home mode. The MIL wrench on the dash was not lit, so it disabled itself.

What should I look at here? There was an old TSB in 2005 where fuel pump would bubble and get hot on a long drive, which was fixed with a fuel pump. It feels something like this, or maybe fuel pressure regulator? Any suggestions on what to try?


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