1. Arizona 2017 Shelby for sale

    Selling my 17’GT350 ..located in Phoenix, AZ. Recently had a baby and hardly find time to take this for spin. Will post more pics with name and signature as I find time late tonight or tomorrow. It currently has 4250 miles, clean car, with no mods. I’m the second owner. you can reach me at...
  2. Carlos990815

    No Start No Crank, Shows a Starting System Fault message on the Cluster whenever you push the start button.

    My Vehicle is a 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 5.2L Recently had PCM and BCM replaced and reprogrammed. Codes: U016C p0192 p0182 , i already did testing as asked to do by fords repair manual for the codes, for example: for code u016c i did the following: with Ignition OFF. For DTCs P027B...
  3. 2017_GT350

    New Jersey 2017 GT350 ($40K Invested, 850 WHP, ~5,600 Miles)

    My goal was to build a 1,000 HP (at the crank) Shelby on pump gas (93 octane). I invested a good amount of money for engine support mods to achieve it. I am now ready for a new project. Here are the details for my GT350: Year: 2017 Color: Race Red (no stripes) exterior, Dark Charcoal interior...
  4. Velgen

    Velgen Forged SL-7 Mustang GT350

    Hello everyone, we've been getting a lot of requests on GT350 wheels and we now have something that we believe everyone is gonna love. Here we have for you guys out first GT350 on our Forged SL Series SL-7. The Wheels are a combination or Brushed Clear on the center and Polished lips, this look...
  5. Velgen

    Velgen Wheels Mustang GT350

    Hello everyone, we've been getting a lot of requests on GT350 wheels and we now have something that we believe everyone is gonna love. Here we have for you guys out first GT350 on our Forged SL Series SL-7. The Wheels are a combination or Brushed Clear on the center and Polished lips, this look...
  6. VibeMotorsports

    Klassen ID F53R Flow Forged Wheels - Fits all Mustangs - Member Pricing - by Vibe Motorsports

    Klassen ID F53R Klassen ID just introduced their new Flow Forged Monoblock wheel - the F53R Wheels can be custom ordered with any offset. Built time is currently 10-14 days. Available in - Dark Graphite (standard finish) Custom Finishes are available on request for an additional fee. Wheel...
  7. PRTK350

    2019 GT350 Engine Failure @ 2170 miles

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to share what happened with my GT350 this week, so here goes..... Something is seriously wrong with my beloved Voodoo motor. Firstly, some background about the car: - 2019 MY GT350, Oxford white with blue stripes - Purchased in September 2020 - Car has 2166 miles on...
  8. KingBowser

    Cobra Jet or GT350 Manifold?

    So we all know the Cobra Jet is the King Daddy for N/A drag applications, but would it do well still in an Auto/Road course environment? I have opgs done and will be doing cams soon would I be better to get a GT350 manifold or cobra jet for a little more top end power. Wondering if I lower the...
  9. jpalmerino

    Long Distance Drive (1600 miles)?

    Hey All, Looking at my firstGT350 that’s down in Texas but I live in New York. I would love to drive it back but first wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on any paint protection films they like (aggressive amounts of painters tape works too) and thoughts on maybe an oil change before I...
  10. 19coyoteh

    Stock grille in gt350 style bumper

    Has anyone tried installing a factory grille into a gt350 style bumper conversion? I want the gt350 style but I also want to keep the RTR grille. Could it be done?
  11. KT3

    Carbon Fibre GT350 hood for 18+ S550!

    Anyone have this hood from Anderson Comp.? This is by far my favorite hood they make and I want it. Just have some questions for owners of this hood.
  12. 2017_GT350

    New Jersey FS: GT350 Stock Cams, Springs, Fuel Injectors & Other Take-Off Parts

    I am selling the following parts taken off of my 2017 GT350 with approximately 5,250 miles. - GT350 Intake Manifold with Throttle Body and Air Intake: $600 (SOLD) - GT350 Camshafts (4): $500 - GT350 Valve Spring Kit with Retainers: $100 - GT350 Primary & Secondary Chain Guides, Secondary...
  13. GT350 Inside Front Tire Wear, Alignment Inside

    So I have about 7500 miles on the car. I have pilot cup 2. Had it aligned due to ford performance lowering springs. THe sheet is attached. Its 350 spec for 2019+ since for keeps changing things with the specs of the cars. However I noticed that around 15-24 mph I have a "womp womp womp" in the...
  14. tangguy

    Virginia Ford OEM GT350 Shift Knob

    Ford oem (not copy) gt350 shift knob purchased from pony parts. This has been retreaded to fit my-82 transmission. You would need little blue locktite to set it. No locking nut needed. In like ‘new’ condition. Paid $120. Asking $70 shipped.
  15. Recommended gas octane for storage?

    Hi all, storing my gt350R for the winter. Having a hard time deciding which gas to put in for storage. I have 2 options: 91 non-ethanol 93 with ethanol What would you recommend? Would 91 non ethanol affect the longetivity of the engine possibly since it’s a lower octane? I know the manual...
  16. DMVSnake

    Clutch pedal vibration

    Hey guys, hope everyone had a safe and nice New Years. i have a 17’ gt350 and I’ve recently come across an issue that I just can’t seem to figure out. When out driving the car, afterreaching optimal operating temps, I started having some fun and going through gears when I realized the clutch...

    Hi all, I have a GT350 owners supplement for sale. I am unable to locate the owner. Chassis HR853. If you are interested, please let me know. Comes with all items included in the supplement kit. $400 OBO. Thanks!
  18. _hero5oh

    Cobra Jet vs GT350 Manifold

    I’m looking into doing a swap and I’m not sure which route to go. I currently have a 2019 Mustang GT Premium with the Performance Pack 1. I’ve seen good reviews on both but I’ve noticed the cobra jet is being used more for boosted applications. I don’t want to buy the cobra jet if it’s main...
  19. New 2020 GT350 HEP engine failure

    My brand new GT350 Heritage Edition with 24 days of ownership and only 728 miles on it had engine failure and needs the whole long block engine replaced. I bought it a brand new from a dealership showroom with 8 miles on it. I liked the looks so much that I wanted to preserve it and I invested...
  20. 2017_GT350

    New Jersey FS: JLT 3.0 Oil Separator/Catch Can (Clear Anodized)

    I am selling a JLT 3.0 oil separator for the driver’s side. It is in very good condition. Fitment: 2015-2020 GT350 / 2011-2017 GT/Boss Asking Price: $100 (shipped)