1. Are the stock Pirellis bad enough to replace ASAP?

    So Costco current has the Michelin PS4 AS on sale for $731 installed and I’m kind of tempted. Are the Pirellis (P Zero Nero)bad enough to replace on a new car or are they good enough to live with until they need replacing?
  2. Original Tire Revs Per Mile?

    I own a 2016 Mustang Premium Performance Pack that came with the Pirelli P-Zero’s from factory. I have since changed tire size and adjusted my tire revs per mile via the Ford ProCal tool. Now I’d like to revert back to my stock tire/rim set up, but I do not remember the stock tire revs per mile...
  3. Bay Area S550 Parts For Sale

    Howdy peeps. Standard back to stock thread (2018 Mustang GT) Shippable (FedEx, UPS) $200 JLT Intake w/K&N filter kit and PedalCommander
  4. Need help with wheel fitment

  5. GT350 Inside Front Tire Wear, Alignment Inside

    So I have about 7500 miles on the car. I have pilot cup 2. Had it aligned due to ford performance lowering springs. THe sheet is attached. Its 350 spec for 2019+ since for keeps changing things with the specs of the cars. However I noticed that around 15-24 mph I have a "womp womp womp" in the...
  6. Pennsylvania 2019 PP1 Tires - PS4S - $300 (Downingtown)

    Bought the mustang used @ 1300 miles. Owner before had exhaust, lowered it and assumed had different wheels on it cause these still look great. Soon as I bought the car I replaced the tires with a winter set. Planning on buying different wheels and these tires will be no longer needed, please...
  7. Wheel offset

    Did some research and im getting a couple mixed reviews. Im looking at a 18"x10" ET20 285/45 Rear with backspacing of 6.29 and 18"x9" ET25 225/30-40 Front Suspension is airlift. Just wanted to double check that this setup is not doable without camber
  8. Wheel fitment. Help

    Hey guys, So I just lowered the car with the cj pony parts springs. Lowers front by 1.5 and rear by 1.0 Now for Christmas I got a set of SVE wheels that are 20s instead of my factory 19s. What size tires do I need to run? Or is the car to low now for 20s? Do I need spacers? Im attaching...
  9. Tennessee WTB black 19x10 or 20x10

    Looking for a square set up of black wheels like GT350 reps or GT350R reps. Worst thing I can say is no. Show me what you got for sale. Located in north Mississippi/Memphis TN area but willing to drive for a deal. If you have tires on them that’s a plus, if there is actually tread on the tires.
  10. SVE SP2 Staggered Tire Sizes (19x10 and 19x11 wheels)

    I am going to pick up some SVE SP2s from LMR, but I don't want to go with the Nittos based on what I read about wet and cooler ambient temperature performance. I am looking at Continental a Michelin based on feedback I have read. From what I am seeing, these sizes would be my two options: 1...
  11. California 2019 gt350r Carbon Wheel/Tire Set

    This wheel set is off an 800 mile 2019 R. No curb rash or scratches. One small chip on the ceramic coating on one single wheel. Original sport cup tires. Center caps and OEM lugs will be included Text or call me directly @ (925) 448-5380 Asking $13,500 OBO
  12. California FS: 2019 PP1 Wheels with Michelin PS4S tires

    Wheels are in excellent condition. Tires have 5k miles on them. Never did any burnouts or anything, tons of life left in them. Not willing to deal with shipping sorry, but I'll meet you within an hour or so of North County San Diego. Includes TPMS, OEM Center caps, and Gorilla locking lug...
  13. is it OK to change tire size?

    Help anyone, I had a 2015 Mustang EcoBoost Premium that came stock w/ 235/ 50R18 97W and purchased a set of Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires same size 235/50R18 101H Ws80 BW and mounted on 18"X8.0 J rims. I traded in the 2015 and purchased a new 2020 Mustang EcoBoost Premium that came stock w/...
  14. California Selling my Performance Pack 1 Wheels and Tires with TPMS

    I am offering my Performance Pack Wheels and Tires from my 2018 Mustang GT. There have been less than 5000 miles on this set of wheels and tires. Front = 19x9 +45 with 255/40r19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4s Rear = 19x9.5 +52.5 with 275/40r19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4s Include OEM installed TPMS...
  15. Nevada 2018 Replica Wheels 19x10 with ET Street S/S <250 Miles

    19x10 2018 "Mustang Style" replica wheels in gunmetal from AM. Wheel 1 has no issues. Wheel 2 has some small scratches and dings, fell on its face . Tires are MT ET Street S/S in a 305/35/19. There are less than 250 highway miles on them. Asking 800obo. Located in Las Vegas, willing to drive...
  16. Best all-season tire for staggered setup?

    I'm currently planning on purchasing a set of Velgen VF5 wheels in a staggered 20x10 +34, 20x11 +45 setup. I need a set of all-season tires since it gets pretty cold in the winter where I'm at and I daily my Mustang year-round. Along with the wheels/tires I am planning on lowering the car 1"...
  17. Florida 2017 GT 18" Magnetic-Painted Machined Aluminum Wheels w/tires 700 OBO - Local Only

    Minimal signs of wear. Only 4,600 miles on the tires. Local pic up in Central Florida. Link to video here.
  18. Texas Used Michelins PS Cup 2 tires

    I have set of used Michelins Pilot Super Cup 2s off of a 2019 GT350 for sale. The tires have 3k miles of regular driving with no track days. Looking to get $750+shipping for all 4 tires (2-295, 2-305). Located in Houston, TX. Pics should be up Friday.
  19. Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Performance Opinions?

    I was wondering if anyone has driven the Mustang Performance Pack 1 Wheels setup 255/40R19 with 275/40R19 with Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus tires or similar? I am noticing better ride comfort though at the trade off of traction off the line. I hear the chirping when applying throttle from a...
  20. PSS tires not available, recommendation?

    Hi all, I just purchased my 2017 Shelby GT350 and I need to replace my rear tires since one has a plug that is leaking and the other is just under half its tread life. Tirerack and my local dealer are telling me that the stock PSS are on backorder for several months. They recommended a Nitto...