1. Drunk3nLlama

    Nevada 2018 Replica Wheels 19x10 with ET Street S/S <250 Miles

    19x10 2018 "Mustang Style" replica wheels in gunmetal from AM. Wheel 1 has no issues. Wheel 2 has some small scratches and dings, fell on its face . Tires are MT ET Street S/S in a 305/35/19. There are less than 250 highway miles on them. Asking 800obo. Located in Las Vegas, willing to drive...
  2. Magnetic_

    Best all-season tire for staggered setup?

    I'm currently planning on purchasing a set of Velgen VF5 wheels in a staggered 20x10 +34, 20x11 +45 setup. I need a set of all-season tires since it gets pretty cold in the winter where I'm at and I daily my Mustang year-round. Along with the wheels/tires I am planning on lowering the car 1"...
  3. Blue_Stang

    Florida 2017 GT 18" Magnetic-Painted Machined Aluminum Wheels w/tires 700 OBO - Local Only

    Minimal signs of wear. Only 4,600 miles on the tires. Local pic up in Central Florida. Link to video here.
  4. Texas Used Michelins PS Cup 2 tires

    I have set of used Michelins Pilot Super Cup 2s off of a 2019 GT350 for sale. The tires have 3k miles of regular driving with no track days. Looking to get $750+shipping for all 4 tires (2-295, 2-305). Located in Houston, TX. Pics should be up Friday.
  5. Takeshi

    Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Performance Opinions?

    I was wondering if anyone has driven the Mustang Performance Pack 1 Wheels setup 255/40R19 with 275/40R19 with Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus tires or similar? I am noticing better ride comfort though at the trade off of traction off the line. I hear the chirping when applying throttle from a...
  6. SealTeamPi

    PSS tires not available, recommendation?

    Hi all, I just purchased my 2017 Shelby GT350 and I need to replace my rear tires since one has a plug that is leaking and the other is just under half its tread life. Tirerack and my local dealer are telling me that the stock PSS are on backorder for several months. They recommended a Nitto...
  7. cobraman800

    2015+ Mustang GT PP1 wheels and tires

    2015+ mustang PP1 wheels. Wheels and Tires are like new, super good shape and have 1,500 miles on them. Wheels are 19" and Tires are 255's in front and 275's in the rear. See photos for tires brand and specs. One of the rears has a small road rash, it is hardly noticeable. $1,300. Message with...
  8. Michelin A/S 3 Tire Sizing on OEM

    Hi Y'all, I have seen on here that some folks are running 275/40 19 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 (front) with 285/40 19 Michelin PS A/S 3 (rear) on the OEM rims. I'm having trouble find the rear sizing in stock these days. Any folks running the following setup? 275/35 19 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S...
  9. RevyDSM

    Ohio Rohana RFX7 20”

    20” Brand New Rohana RFX7’s for sale Decided to change setups and this is just a feeler. Includes Falken performance tires with 100 miles on them. 5x114.3 bolt pattern F 225/35/20 R 285/35/20
  10. Texas Wtt wheels

    looking for 2018-19 ecoboost pp wheels. Please be closeish to Houston or Lake Charles, LA. Thanks.
  11. Guard 3

    California Selling (4) Rohana RFX5 Brushed Titanium 19x9.5 & 19x11

    EDIT: Now $1300!!! Selling (4) Brushed Titanium Rohana RFX5 wheels. 2 are 19x9.5 +38 offset. 2 are 19x11 +28 offset. The wheels are in immaculate condition with no scratches or curb rash. These look amazing on the mustang and I constantly get compliments on them. The wheels come wrapped in...
  12. Not All Michelin Cup 2 Tires are Created Equal - Behind the Scenes of Making Bespoke Tires

    Hey guys, Check out my article where I dive deep in to tire technology and the effort Michelin puts into making bespoke OEM tires for a specific car model. This is written from my experience as a development driver working on creating bespoke tires for cars like the GT350/R, GT500/CFTP, and...
  13. Nebraska 2019 18" wheels and tires with sensors

    Hey everyone, I just took these off my 2019 when it had 8K on it, so they still have a ton of tread on them. No damage on any of the wheels that i can see. They are 18" wheels with the TPMS still installed, with the 235/50/18 P Zeros on them. Asking $550, and local pickup around the Omaha...
  14. Tennessee Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires - (2) Total - $75

    (2) Tires Total - 305/30R19 Pilot Sport Cup 2. These have approx 6500 miles on them and do not have much life left in them. They probably have 1 track day in them so I am letting them go cheap. I removed them when I bought my PP2. $75 for the pair .
  15. What size tire?

    I have some 20x10.5 (+38) 20x9 (+35) wheels coming in. What's a recommended tire size for no rubbing on stock suspension? I'd also prefer for the tire to protect the rim from the curb.
  16. dembones1012

    (NOOB) need help with a wheel question

    I'm looking into a VMP Gen2r and was wondering (might be a stupid question I am new to this sort of thing) if I can keep my stock 19x8s up front with the factory pirellis and run a 19x10 rim in the rear and get a nice grippy tire on those? If so what Tire and rim would you suggest? Thanks
  17. dembones1012

    (s550 GT) Need help with rims and tires

    I'm looking into a VMP Gen2r and was wondering (might be a stupid question I am new to this sort of thing) if I can keep my stock 19x8s up front with the factory pirellis and run a 19x10 rim in the rear and get a nice grippy tire on those? If so what Tire and rim would you suggest? Thanks
  18. BlackStallion18

    19x11 square fitment help

    I found a pretty killer deal on some wheels I've wanted for a long time, but they only come in 19x11 +50ET. I know the rear will not have any fitment issues, but I'm curious how I could get the wheels to fit in the front. Also recommended tire sizes would be appreciated! Thanks!
  19. KT3

    [HELP] - New Rim/Tire Setup?

    Hey guys, I own a 2019 Mustang GT with Performance Package 1... I’m looking for a new tire/rim set up from the OEM ones, I need something more aggressive. I really like the look of the PP2 Mustang since it’s 305’s all the way around. I really want to do 305’s all around, but i’ll settle for...
  20. TuxedoPC

    Best Tire For Stock 18" wheels

    What is the best grip tire for the stock 18" wheels I think they are 18x8??? More for a road racing/ autocross application. Are we looking at a re71r?? How good is the set up going to be? Will it be competitive??