rear end

  1. Rear end project is done!

    I snapped/bent my diff bolts and ruined the bushings I had in there. Since it’s winter up here in Alberta I had the time for this little project. Pulled everything, degreased, sand blasted, painted and powder coated. Installed solid diff bushings, subframe bushings, lower control arm and toe...
  2. Replacing Rear End

    So my rear end is growling when I’m on the highway and let off the gas. Shop I talked with said they would just put in a whole new rear end instead of trying to diagnose the part that needs to be replaced. I have a 15 GT automatic with 3.15 gears though. Should I just buy this from LMR and get...
  3. 2019 GT rear end ratios

    I have a 2019 GT California special 10-speed auto and I'm wondering what possible rear-end ratios could come in my car and how do I know what ratio I have?
  4. A Love Story *warning will cause heartbreak*

    Hello all, my name is Adrian, I am a first time poster long time reader, I’ve been wanting to get onto the actual forum itself, but I’ve been waiting until I’ve had anything meaningful to share, be it a mod or discovery etc. Anyhow, let me start with a love story. September of 2018: I had just...
  5. 2015 differential clutch packs on V6 auatomatic?

    2015 V6 automatic with the standard LSD. What clutch pack would I need for a full service job? Would you use the packs from the previous generation 8.8?
  6. Florida 3.15 Gears / Differential housing

    3.15 gears with Trac-Loc differential, full housing/pumpkin out of my car, 28k miles on it. I have the manual pinion flange with it, but isn't attached (neither is an auto one). Swapped out for a 3.73 housing. Looking for $200 OBO, hoping for a local deal instead of needing to ship but can if...
  7. Rear Ended and Worried

    Hey everyone, if there is already a thread about this just let me know. I was rear ended while trying to turn left at an intersection and it caused a pretty good amount of rear end damage. After the accident I was able to drive the car home and then to the body shop the next morning. The car...
  8. Boomba Racing Rear Vertical Links

    Available here: CLICK ME ---ORIGINAL POST--- Boomba Racing is excited announce our new Rear Vertical Links for the 2015+ Mustang! These links do wonders for improving the handling characteristics of your S550 Mustang. They work at eliminating wheel hop and aim towards providing a more...
  9. Torsen rear end pop noise when turning?

    Just recently bought a 15 gt premium pp. and every once in a while I'll hear a pop noise, normally it's only when making sharp turns. Has happened when driving straight once as well. Anyone else experiencing this??