1. Is a 1510 lb (650 kg) load-rated wheel ok for amateur track days?

    I'm considering these: http://vsforged.com They're all fully forged, but with a load rating of 650kg/1510lb. What sorts of driving would I need to do to break them? I'm not a NASCAR driver, just a guy with a Shelby who wants to go to a track for the first time. In particular I want to go to...
  2. 2018 GT MBRP Race catback on a 2017 GT Premium

    So, I watched a couple of videos on the new 2018 model of MBRP's race series catback and I'm really liking the sound over the 2015-2017 race model. Obviously, I'd have to buy a quad tip rear valence which I am fine with; however, CJ Pony Parts' website says that this catback will fit ONLY 2018...
  3. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    Thanks for taking the time to review the build thread. Feel free to ask questions or offer advice. As I get things done, I'll share. Thread Contents updated 9/20/2021: Page 1 - Purchasing car, Procharger P1x HO Kit Page 2 - Krona catback exhaust, Lund boost box Page 3 - Boost leak, procuring...
  4. Video: GT350 Grand Prix Circuit Nürburgring

    Here's a look at the Nürburgring GP Circuit with the GT350. There's a dogfight with a bike in there. Guess who wins. €30 for a 20 minute session Two different track layouts in two days - they didn't tell me and had to find out the hard way. Unfortunately, I didn't capture that on camera...
  5. Savagely Driven GT350 at Rockingham Speedway (UK)

    feat. Hellcat, R32 GTR, 911, and more. [ame]
  6. England Track Battle GT350 vs Tuned Audi S3

    Hey all, New guy here. I recently got a '17 GT350 and drive it in the UK. I made a video of the shenanigans on a wet track day battling a friend in his tuned AWD Audi S3. Admittedly, it's my first video and the helmet cam placement is bad as well as audio at times, but all that will be...
  7. MBRP Race Exhaust Review

    Installed the MBRP race today. Big thanks to Beefcake Racing for the great deal and speedy shipping. First off yes the exhaust is loud. On the first ride today I had some texting lady in a cx-7 try to merge in on me, I rev bombed her and she got so scared she threw her phone in the air and...
  8. fun night of races

    still stock tuned [ame]
  9. Carbon Fiber GT350 TrackPack styled spoiler

    Pre-order is now open for the carbon fiber GT350 Trackpack-styled spoiler. Quantity is limited, so secure if you are interested. www.carbondynamics.net :thumbsup:
  10. Apex Race Parts - EC-7 Wheels for S550

    Soon after swapping my M3 for a PP GT, I contacted Apex Race Parts to ask about their rim availability for the S550 Mustang. They now have those products available, including 18" rims that clear the 6-pot Brembo brakes - perfect for track days and auto-X. These were the "go to" rims for...
  11. EB vs 1998 M3

    So, my buddy has a friend who swears his older m3 will walk all over my EB. He won't say what mods he has, if any. M3 is way lighter, but only rated at 240hp, and yes I know Bmw always under rates their engines. Also, my EB is stock with A/T. I would love to hear some peoples thoughts on this!