1. Headers in person 18+ GT in Orlando,FL

    I want to add Catted arh headers to my car but i'm not sure how loud they'll be in person. I've got the Atak catback right now. Really not trying to drop 1k+ for headers if it's going to be too crazy. If your in Orlando and have headers on a 18+ I'd be interested in hearing them in person if...
  2. Anyone have any experience with Corsa Long tubes on a gt350r?

    Getting ready to do some small mods to my gt350r. Steeda motor mounts, headers fro either Corsa or stainless works, and a tune. I haven't really decided whether a cai will be worthwhile or not. I'm really just struggling to decide what brand headers to go with.
  3. KT3

    [MODS] Before & After Transformation

    Hello all, So I managed to do more than I wanted on my car this summer. Honestly, the only thing left to do is drop a stage 2 whipple in there.. Mods: JLT CAI, Corsa Xtreme Headers Xtreme Sound Corsa Xtreme Cat-back exhaust Dyno tuned (480whp ~) SVE R350 Rims - 19x10 / 19x11 // 285/305...
  4. DKHS550

    Virginia LTB Catted Headers for 17 GT

    ISO headers for my 17 GT. I live in the Roanoke area but will travel. Also looking for a corsa extreme or borla atak cat back system.
  5. crimson_crowd_eater

    Long Tubes with Stock Cats for no tune

    Hey all, I just wanted some opinions on a little custom exhaust idea that I have and I wanted to see if anyone has tried a similar thing. So I want to get some long tubes, probably 2m because they're pretty affordable and I've seen a lot of good reviews, but I also need to stay emissions...
  6. hson10

    Headers + catback sound db? >103db?

    Interested if anybody has / had done a db sound reading on GTs with catless headers. I did a search and it looks like @gundam83 had a very similar question to me previously, but didn't think it was resolved. Headed to Thunder Hill soon, and just realized it's 103db. :headbang: Had I known I...
  7. Marino

    $3k Budget Suggestions

    I'm finally looking at modding my 2019 Mustang GT. I would like to do an intake, tune, and some form of headers/exhaust. My budget to work with is about $3,000. How would you spec it if it were yours? My initial thoughts were nGauge with PBD 91 and Flex Fuel Tune, JLT Intake, Roush H Pipe, and...
  8. shitstang01

    AFR Stuck at 14

    Recently got long tube headers installed on my 2013 GT, have the front o2 sensors connected properly but only one is connected by an extension the other one could fit without any extensions. I’m also running open headers currently as I haven’t been able to find a shop to get my exhaust put back...
  9. Kooks RHD Headers - Will it work with LHD car?

    So I bought some Kooks green cats headers off eBay, didnt read the description so well, found out that the headers I bought are made for RHD Mustangs, gonna try to return them but dont know if the seller will accept a return Anyone knows if it's possible to fit them in a standard Left hand...
  10. Illinois Longtube off-road headers 1 7/8

    Looking for some long tubes header 1 -7/8inches with 3” off road lead pipes.. does anyone have any that they haven’t put on?
  11. CBass2288

    Resonator Suggestions?

    Hey guys, currently I'm running Corsa headers (catless) with the Corsa Xtreme. I love the sound but the volume is a little much to daily drive and there's a CRAZY rasp between 2200-3000. I'm looking for suggestions of what resonators to add that will minimize the rasp but not kill the tone and...
  12. DXB_5.0

    California WTB: Kooks , ARH, Corsa Headers, 1in wheel spacers, Euro clear taillights, coilovers

    Interested in buying any of the following parts: - Kooks headers (with connection pipes) - American Racing headers - Corsa Headers - 1in wheel spacers - Euro clear taillights - Coilovers please PM or comment if any of these parts are available
  13. CBass2288

    JBA Longtubes

    Does anyone know anything about JBA Longtube Headers? I have a Corsa Extreme Catback and I was originally wanting to get Corsa longtubes to have the full system, but I've been told by my shop that JBA is a great deal and a high-quality product. Any help is much appreciated!


    Good morning and ladies and gents. It's that time of the year where the savings are being passed out like Uncle bobs famous Ham at the dinner table. Well we got the hottest deals possible. Not only are we going to save you the most, were going to toss in some more for you guys ! Contact us for...
  15. Bnewell101

    Exhaust setup

    So I’ve been looking for an exhaust system with no luck. After lots of trial and error I can’t seem to find something that works My setup: longtube headers, Xpipe, 3” with axle back mufflers What i’m looking for: I want that deeper sound (willing to accept some drone). No rasp and i’m wanting...
  16. nameuser

    Any Ohio guys running long tube headers and passing E check?

    If so which ones are you running and what tune are you using to pass? Are you running the "green" cats? I might be able to register the car in a different county but if there is an option that passes I'd probably go that route instead. PS What a scam that E check is.
  17. mks

    Light/Intermittent "thunking?" sound after TSP header install

    At idle: Cruising: This sound seems to emanate from the engine bay (2018 Mustang GT), but I can't tell. It first occurred on the very first start up after the installation of a set of Texas Speed headers. Confirmed this afternoon that, despite the next-to-zero clearance on the passenger side...
  18. Is this an exhaust leak or am I chasing my tail?

    I've recently Installed headers on my 2017 GT and ever since I've noticed this ticking noise, it seems most noticeable under load/low RPMs, i.e high gear going up a hill or something really exacerbates it. Unless I'm next to a wall I can't hear it with the windows down, I can only hear it...
  19. 2015 GT 5.0 Partout! 1 7/8 Headers, GT350 intake Manifold, 47lb ford injectors, NGauge etc!

    UPDATE: NGauge sold and Splitter claimed. Offer $290 and the splitters yours. Also Headers and QTP cutouts are welded together so will be sold as a combo deal for cheap. Lots of go fast parts and goodies! Located in Southern California! Willing to ship at buyers expense. Currently in the...
  20. gqneon

    2018 GT with Pypes LT and MBRP Street

    Here's a couple of videos of how the exhaust sounds with Pypes offroad LT headers and the new MBRP stainless street catback exhaust. This was the first cold start after I installed it and my Fore fuel system. I haven't done the idle & cruise logs so I didn't rev it much (2nd video) I just...