drag racing

  1. Evolution Performance

    First 2020 Shelby GT500 In The 8's!

    Evolution Performance, Inc. Built 2020 Shelby GT500 "The Villain" - 100% Street Car 8.97 @ 154MPH with a 1.44 60ft in +2,144ft DA Stock Engine, DCT Transmission and Clutches.
  2. Chris@Steeda

    Chasing Records | World's Fastest N/A S550 Mustang | A Steeda Film

    Hey All - Our team worked hard putting this video together sharing the story of the Silver Bullet over the past year or so. Would love to hear what you all think! This all wouldn't be possible with such a strong Mustang community, including Mustang6G! Project Vehicle Build Page...
  3. 80FoxCoupe

    Procharger D1X = 8.43 @ 159

    Hard work paying off! Track rental last night produced great results. Big thanks to BA Motorsports, @Evil 5.0 , PBD and Procharger for helping me get this far! Vid on BA Motorsports page https://m.facebook.com/BAMotorsports1/
  4. 80FoxCoupe

    '16 GT, sleeved Predator and F1A94

    The stock engine and P1SC has really performed beyond expectation and has ran a best of 9.01 at 150. With the engine at capacity, it's time to move to a more robust setup and turn it up a bit. Still on e85, tuned by PBD and fully representing the Procharger fam!. New combo is as follows...
  5. Bnewell101

    Question for drag strip veterans

    To all you veterans out there what mods (other than power adders) have you seen the most value in at the strip? I'm fairly new to the game and I'm stuck in the mid 10s and looking to see what my next move is, i'm trying to be as efficient as possible so figure I would through a thread out...
  6. Project: Pennywise

    Project: Pennywise

  7. xpiggy

    s550 Burnout Pics and Vids

    post up some pics and videos of your burnouts
  8. Manders Mustang

    RWYB - 13/10/18 - Mustangs Unleashed @ Santapod

    Mustangs Unleashed (On FB) are planning to hit Santa Pods RWYB on the 13/10/18, we're bringing a bunch of cars all who want to run their beasts up the drag strip and see their time/get a feel for things on their car. Standard RWYB prices and rules apply (if passing over 110 you need a helmet...