1. Texas UPR CATCH CAN 2015-2017 mustang gt

    I have a UPR catch can for sale. mount on radiator so its tucked away for a nice clean look. braided lines, black finish. Was on my car for 6,000 miles before trading in. $170 shipped anywhere in the USA.
  2. FBO5.0

    Stock throw out bearing is too long????

    So I bought an Ace twin disk clutch (part number RSK-300M) for my 2015 Mustang GT, and the OEM throw out bearing is too long for the kit to fit. I called ACE and was told I needed to get throw out bearing part number DR3Z-7A508-A which is used on GT500's from 2010-2014. Apparently it is...
  3. mustangguy98

    O2 sensors

    I’m going to be replacing my upstream O2 sensors soon, need to be educated on which ones should i buy. 2015 manual fbo e85 coyote. the passenger side option states “auto transmission) can i still use it on my manual car? If not, can someone direct me to which ones I should purchase? thanks in...
  4. Dfeeds

    Some interesting changes to the 2021 F-150 Coyote - 5w30 oil viscosity and smaller sump

    It's now apparently spec'd for 5w30 and has a smaller sump. It also is coming with my favorite (sarcasm) piece of tech, cylinder deactivation. I haven't seen this posted yet so I apologize if it has been. Here's a link to where I saw it, which has a link to the spec sheet...
  5. Cal1888

    Camshaft VCT Phaser - Broken!?

    I have been rebuilding a 2017 5.0 for a neighbor and once I got to the camshaft timing portion of the rebuild I noticed something odd with the VCT assembly. I had no issues getting the LH (drivers side timed in) but once I got to the RH side I noticed something odd with the intake VCT assembly...
  6. shitstang01

    Po171 Code System to Lean Update

    Had a header leak, car was throwing po171 code (system to lean) bolts had fell out of the passenger side of my headers causing unmetered air to go in. Got it fixed and everything retightened, car is still throwing same code but runs better, gas mileage went up immediately, sounds better and...
  7. shitstang01

    p0171 code

    First off heads up I’m a noob Car has a rattling raspy noise coming from the passenger side, was told it’s a header leak by a shop and two of the bolts have came out but they told me not to worry about it as it wouldn’t affect performance :) Clearly that’s not true, cars been running very...
  8. 2016 mustang GT transmission stuck at redline

    Hello all, I have a 2016 Mustang GT (California special) with the automatic transmission. Last night, when I was at a stoplight, I put it in S from the shifter and gave it about 20% throttle, then midway at about 4k RPM, I went WOT (still in 1st gear). The RPM went all the way up to past 7K...
  9. Danny's Garage

    Danny's Garage

  10. nick97ns

    post Procharger install issue - car pegged rich - undriveable

    I just recently installed a Procharger d1sc stage two kit on my 16' GT. Before install, everything was running perfect (i was running a FBO setup). My prior tune was done with Lund so I decided to use them again for this setup. Before the first startup after the install, I obviously loaded up my...
  11. Velocity Raptor

    Velocity Raptor

  12. Boss 302 on gen 2 coyote

    Does anyone have a in depth instructions on installing the boss 302 intake manifold on a gen 2 coyote. I have a pmas cai aswell ive looked around and many tutorials arent really clear with vacuum line routing. I have a vacuum leak and i would like to see how others have done it on the gen 2...
  13. Adamrak

    New Jersey WTB Corsa Xtreme Catback 18-19 GT

    Looking to buy a used Corsa Xtreme catback for my 2018 PP1 GT. I don't have the active exhaust option and I don't plan on setting it up either. Either chrome or black tips are fine (although leaning towards black). Please reach out if you're selling one. If near NJ, I'd be willing to drive...
  14. Connecticut NA

  15. New York SOLD: Kooks/ fordperformance 2017 Race Red GT premium with gt350 mods and 22,721 miles

    Hello! This is a 2017 Mustang GT Premium. It has 1 owner, zero accidents, and I have the carfax in hand. There’s about 5k worth of parts on this car for performance and exhaust. It was a weekend cruiser. It has 22,721 miles. I’m asking $27,000 OBO. I’m open to trade for a 2017+ Gt premium but in...
  16. Thephallking

    2019 GT rear end ratios

    I have a 2019 GT California special 10-speed auto and I'm wondering what possible rear-end ratios could come in my car and how do I know what ratio I have?
  17. Whit platinum

    Whit platinum

  18. TuxedoPC

    2019 5.0 Slap? Should I Bring It In? HELP!!!!

    Hello, I recently got my 2019 Mustang 5.0 last Month. Did an oil change around 600 miles. Everything was done by the book but now I have this terrible slap? Do you think Ford is going to help me out? How bad is it from the video I included. Any help would be great! Thanks Here is the link to...
  19. damships

    Coolant Liquid Color

    Hello Everyone! :-) This is my first post here and unfortunately, it's with a super-rookie question. I just got a 2018 Mustang GT last month. I was checking the engine oil level after hearing some dealerships were only putting 8 qts, but mine, fortunately, seems fine. I decided to look at the...
  20. Cali GT

    Cali GT