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  1. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    A small update to the '22MY Order Guide JOB #2 ORDER GUIDE UPDATES – Effective on all vehicles built on or after Job#2 (06/27/22 – Subject to change) ● Revised: Instrument Panel Finishes on EcoBoost Premium (201A), GT (300A,301A), GT Premium (401A) and California Special Package (54C) (400A/401A)
  2. 2023 Mustang Order Bank Opens October 17, 2022

    ^^ That still doesn't confirm it's a '24MY though. I'm being pedantic (as its likely will be a '24) but S650 could still be launched in 2023 as a '23MY.........the projected job 1 based on the dates in this thread could be S650 is launched Jan 1st, although I agree that's unlikely.
  3. 2023 Mustang Order Bank Opens October 17, 2022

    Have they? I don't recall Ford saying anything officially.
  4. 2023 Mustang Order Bank Opens October 17, 2022

    Maybe C&D were right and S650 won't be revealed until April 17th 2023........with production starting later that year, perhaps back in line with the more usual Sept/Oct start of production.
  5. 2023 Mustang Order Bank Opens October 17, 2022

    As by way of an example, the '23MY Mach E dates have been known for a few weeks. For that car, Order Banks open 15th August, Scheduling beings 15th September and Production beings 31st October. So, it's likely production of the '23MY S550 will being in early January, just as it has for the last...
  6. 2023 Mustang Order Bank Opens October 17, 2022

    Good info, thanks Jarstang! The assumption being the '23MY will be a continuation of the current S550. So, depending on when S650 launches, the '23MY could, potentially, be quite a short one! Edited to add......or S650 could actually be a 23MY?
  7. Model cars

    Maisto did a "Kona Blue" 2015 in both 1/18 and 1/24 sizes......................but the only blue '18+ I know if is Motor Max, and it's a 1/24
  8. Covid Shots

    Yep, you know way more than world-class physicians and scientists. Mmmm-kay.
  9. Covid Shots

    please post the data that proves there is no risk from ADE, as well the test data that showed that after inoculation the test subjects (both young and old, healthy and not) were bathed in viral load and universally shrugged off the assault. And compare and contrast against subjects that were...
  10. What if your Mustang was totaled today?

    God forbid this happens. Wouldn't wish it on anyone. But if your car did get hypothetically totaled, what would you replace it with? Another Mustang or a different car? For me, I'd go from a GT to probably a Camaro SS. If I found a really good deal? Maybe a 2016 or 2017 GT350. What about you?
  11. European Mustang Nationals at Santa Pod - 14th/15th July 2022

    European Mustang Nationals - Santa Pod Raceway Get ready for Europe's largest MUSTANG ONLY event right here in the UK, The European Mustang Nationals.... With cars attending from across Europe you can be sure of a great two day event at Santa Pod Raceway this coming July. Not only is this a...
  12. Covid Shots

    Oy vey! And the Earth is flat and the Moon just a projection?
  13. Covid Shots

    The Pfizer and Moderna data shows NOTHING about ADE and for him to 'recant' is baseless. ADE is only observable AFTER the fact. But that's missing the POINT entirely. The problem is the willful/dishonest failure to get informed consent from the lab rats both back in the summer during trials and...
  14. Colorado For sale 2017 GT350R $59k. SOLD

    Pretty car. Random question. Have you been to Highplains? Was wanting to take mine there.
  15. 10 speed - do I have a real problem

    Warranty or not, I'd ask your dealer to flash the latest gearbox software updates. Several owners here in the UK reported shifting issues and these were resolved with the latest software. Good luck!