1. Ford Performance track package or steeda suspension kit?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to upgrade my suspension on my 20 mustang gt non-pp. It's pretty stock now but I do plan on doing a supercharger build in the future. This is mainly a dd with a lot of spirited back road driving and the car will see a few trips a year to the track/strip. In my research...
  2. Lowering Spring Install Cost Estimate

    Hey guys. It’s been 15 years since having a set of lowering springs installed on a Mustang. Since recently purchasing a 2017 GT, I have acquired a set of BMR Performance lowering springs. I am located in southern Georgia, and I am wondering what the average going rate is for a shop to install a...
  3. Suspension - What progressive springs to go?

    Hey guys and gal's, What lowering springs has everyone got or had experience with? Obviously there are a heap of options from Ford performance, Steeda, Eibach, King springs and whiteline etc. Looking at going a 1" drop but would like to keep to the factory ride quality as best I can on a...
  4. Florida OEM GT350R Springs

    Original springs taken off my 2017 GT350R after 1800 miles. Great condition, only removed because I swapped out for BMR suspension parts in order to track the car. Will ship on your dime but prefer pickup. $150.
  5. Jacking up lowered cars, quick tip

    After lowering our Gt with the suspension kit my nephew realized the jack didn't fit anymore. It may seem simple but if anyone is coming across this problem for the first time here's a simple tip
  6. BMR Goodies back in stock here at Lethal Performance!

    All sorts of BMR Suspension back in stock here at Lethal Performance!! Any questions you guys might have on our packages, feel free to reach out and we'll be more than happy to help! #TeamLethal https://www.lethalperformance.com
  7. BMR Suspension goodies back in stock #LethalPerformance

    All sorts of BMR Suspension back in stock here at Lethal Performance!! Any questions you guys might have on our packages, feel free to reach out and we'll be more than happy to help! #TeamLethal ☠ https://www.lethalperformance.com
  8. Alabama WTB suspension (springs and struts)

    I am looking to buy a spring and strut/shock set up for a 2015 mustang GT. been looking at ford performance street package interested in other set ups though, if you have something comment and let me know. In Memphis TN for reference.
  9. New York FS: Ford Performance Track Handling Springs

    Selling front and rear track handling springs. These springs were used for 2,000 miles and then removed. Best offer over $60. I am also selling front and rear track handling struts; see other post. Pick up on Long Island.
  10. Eibach Pro Kit - Good enough?

    Hey guys, I’m getting the Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs installed. I have a staggered set up. 19x10 285/35/19 - 19x11 305/35/19. I hate the stock suspension because it looks like i’m floating lol - Anyways, decides the pro kit by Eibach would be respectful enough, also the guys down here...
  11. California Eibach Sportlines - Brand New in Box

    Eibach Sportline springs for sale brand new in unopened box. Ended up going with a different spring set up. Asking $275 and local pick up. Located in Sacramento, CA. Coupe Drop: Front - 1.5” Rear - 1.3" Convertible Drop: Front - 1.6” Rear - 1.4”

    Hello Mustang6G community! Up for sale is my complete suspension setup that came off my 2016 performance pack GT. I have airlift now so these have just been sitting. Looking for $500 picked up not really trying to ship as it would cost a fortune. Thanks for looking!
  13. Shocks + springs vs ride height adjustable coilovers ?

    I'm weighing the notion of swapping out my car's stock suspension ('16 GT/CS Premium Convertible, no PP), and since it's my first time, I was looking at the full breadth of options available to me. I don't plan on tracking it, but I do like to take it out on spirited mountain drives here in...
  14. Air dams

    Yesterday I was pulling into the gas station and I almost had a heart attack. As I cleared the apron, I heard an incredibly loud plastic on concrete scraping sound. Turns out it was the air dams in front of the tires, but it still scared the shit out of me. At some point I plan to get a...
  15. California EB Stock Springs - $0 - Free

    Stock springs from my 2016 Ecoboost Convertible. $0 - Free for all 4. Can ship, if buyer can pay for shipping.
  16. Michigan WTB: BMR Handling Springs SP083

    Looking to buy SP083 either lightly used or new. PM thanks.
  17. Nevada FS: Multiple Suspension Parts

    Parts taken off of a 2016 Mustang GT. Front and rear sway bars. - Sold Free pickup or pay for shipping. OEM Springs and Front/Rear shocks $40 OBO pickup preferred but willing to negotiate shipping. Air Lift endlinks Almost new condition. $20 OBO pickup preferred but willing to negotiate shipping.
  18. GT350 FS: BMR Springs, Vorshlag C/C Plates, DSC Controller, DCTMS Leather Steering Wheel

    Changing direction and clearing out the garage of parts I’m not going to use. All parts aside from the DSC Controller are brand new. I just opened the boxes to take pictures. Everything is located in NJ (08085) and buyer pays shipping. Thanks for checking it out! DSC 02-0350-06-V3 GT350...
  19. Best springs and shocks for better ride quality w/o magneride

    Hey guys, Happy New Year! I feel like my mustang gt 2018 ride quality is not so great. I feel like I am feeling every bump on the road. I have stock springs and shocks. I came from driving a civic. It feels a lot stiff compared to that car. Is this normal? I know you lose some ride quality...