1. P1x procharger getting hot?

    I have a p1x procharger kit with the stage 2 intercooler. My coolant temp never gets over 212 but my cylinder head temps get around 234 in stop and go traffic and 215-220 when doing 80 down the highway on an 80 degree day. I still have the factory procharger tune thru the diablo sport tuner that...
  2. 80FoxCoupe

    '16 GT, sleeved Predator and D1X

    The stock engine and P1SC has really performed beyond expectation and has ran a best of 9.01 at 150. With the engine at capacity, it's time to move to a more robust setup and turn it up a bit. Still on e85, tuned by PBD and fully representing the Procharger fam!. New combo is as follows...
  3. New York WTB: Supercharger, Procharger, or turbo kit

    Hey guys, post up whatcha got or DM me, must fit a 15-17! I'll cover shipping or pickup. Thanks!
  4. Bnewell101

    Oklahoma Procharger intercooler pipe

    Procharger intercooler pipe without MAF. Changed to the one with the MAF so no need for this one. Willing to ship if buyer pays shipping. $100 OBO
  5. Indiana WTB - VMP Gen 3 supercharger Kit

    Looking to purchase a VMP Gen 3 supercharger kit. Message me or sent me a text at (765) 419-1987. Thanks
  6. Joe 5.0

    MPSS (and other variations) with boost. Do they hook?

    Planning on boosting my MT82 car soon, and I'm looking for a good street tire. Hoping to keep the power level around 700 whp with a Procharger D1SC. How do the Michelin's hook from a roll?
  7. Bnewell101

    Procharger vacuum line question

    So long story short bought a car with procharger p-1x head unit, currently my vacuum line doesn't attach to my fuel pressure regulator. Have aeromatic 13129 regulator which is currently just open to atmosphere. Does anyone else run this? Are there any advantages? I wouldn't imagine so. But not...
  8. acere23

    2019 Procharger P1SC-1

    What's up guys..First time posting.Just wanted to share my dyno result on my 2019 manual.Made 736hp/574tq on E85 @10psi. Pretty happy with it...... for
  9. Stephen@lethal

    Last day to save big on Cyber Monday sales @Lethal Peformance!

    Today is the last day for the biggest sales of the year! Tons of products have some killer deals setup right now! Don't miss out here at Lethal Performance! Check out what sales are still active!
  10. SheepDog

    Procharger Outlet Tube

    Happy Saturday ladies and gents. I decided to finally tackle a small issue I had with the Procharger outlet tube on my car. I am referring to the rubber 90 degree 3" tube that connects the outlet on the head unit, to the inlet pipe of the intercooler, which also supports the BOV. First off I...
  11. AZtrophy

    Procharger Debug: MAF Location, Tune or Other?

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the S550 platform/the forum and was hoping to get some of the experts here to help focus my debug efforts. In my case there are a few things going on: On cold start, the car idles @ 750rpm but after ~20 seconds it dips down to ~500 and rises up to 1k+ before settling...
  12. my66coyote

    Procharger Stg2 Results, more boost?

    Strapped the car down this week to try and get a full pull to get a log and boost amount on my setup. My boost gauge seems to be inaccurate on my dakota digital stuff. Also finally found my false knock issues coming from the metal hood tapping on the procharger head unit. Setup is a GenII...
  13. 2018 Mustang GT - Procharger HO Stage 1 Low Boost Issue

    Hello Everyone, First and foremost, i'm new to the community, but have spent quite some time reading various threads. I am in need of a little bit of help from members that have experience with a Procharged 2018 Mustang GT. I will try to provide as much details as possible to reduce the number...
  14. my66coyote

    Procharger Stg2 Idler pulley rubbing

    I have a genII Coyote crate motor in my 66 with a Stage 2 procharger kit. I'm swapping out to an HD/green belt and when I took the idler pulley off it has rubbed pretty significantly on the factory idler pulley. From what I can tell, I had it correctly installed. I did remember when I originally...
  15. Evolution Performance

    Pennsylvania FS: Procharger Kit with Tons Of Upgrades - 2015-2019 Mustang GT

    I will be removing my Procharger kit from my 2018 Mustang GT in the coming days and will have it for sale. Below is a list of stuff that comes with the kit. There are a lot of upgrades with this kit, which only has 2,200 miles on it. Procharger oil has been changed three times (500 miles, 1,000...
  16. Boost/Vac reference for Fore install - Procharger Stage 2

    Whats up S550 family. Helping my buddy get his Fore Fuel system installed July 4th weekend and need some guidance on where to grab the boost/vac reference from. Had him go ahead and purchase the Fore vacuum block which we will use to feed the vac source on the fuel pressure reg and the hobbs...
  17. t14mhall

    Am I making the boost I should?

    Hey guys, Looking for some advice here... 2018 Mustang GT w/ a stage 1 Procharger HO kit. My stock pulley was a 4.38" and it was rated for 6.5lbs ( I constantly saw 6.2 lbs). I've since changed to a 4.10" pulley and was told by Procharger that I should make 9 PSI with this. Since installing...
  18. S550_LGND

    2016 GT P1X HO KIT

    I’m running a Procharger P1X H.O. Kit With a 3.40” pulley Getting About 9-10psi Of Boost & I’m wondering what’s the smallest pulley I can use on it to Up the Boost. Anyone know? Thanks.
  19. MustangDominance

    Procharger BOV

    So i've been looking at the procharger kits for the 3.7. I love the sound and everything but from all the videos i've seen the BOV is super quiet. Are there different blow off valves I can use instead of the one procharger ships with their kit? I love the sound of BOVs alot and if there's...