1. GT 2015 GT Roush SC Parts

    Selling the car so took some parts off it. I have a VMP BAP. Had on for about 5k miles. JLT drivers side roush/vmp catch can. 67mm VMP twin throttle body. And a 75mm VMP pulley. Throttle body - $500+Shipping Pulley - $70+shipping BAP - $220 +shipping Catch can - $70+shipping
  2. DatAsuna

    Seeking Octane Advice

    First post, howdy everyone! I'm the 2nd owner of a seemingly bone-stock Bullitt with 9k miles. So the owners manual clearly designates 87 octane as a minimum requirement for the '19 Mustang Bullitt However, - The dealer I purchased it from said to use mid-grade for cleaner/better-quality gas...
  3. Fuel Mods to Support 800whp TT Setup w/ 93oct (NOT e85)?

    I'm looking to see what kind of specific fuel mods you guys would recommend for someone looking to hit ~800whp on 93 oct using a 6266 Hellion TT kit, stock motor WITHOUT the use of E85. Yes, I know with E85 it would be much, much easier, but I simply don't have it in my area. I've not really...
  4. Logan@Lethal

    Fuel Systems in stock!

    Looking to go E85 on that sweet boosted setup you put on? Well, look no further.. We have plenty of coyote hats in stock and ready to build you a full fuel system. We have a series of videos explaining our fuel systems and the in-and-outs of them. If you're interested, drop me a message and...
  5. Dfeeds

    Carbon trap and MAF readings

    I've read some people say that removing this thing affects the MAF readings which would imply it would need a tune. I'm aware that Mustangs in other countries do not have it, but those cars also have different headers (unless I'm mistaken) which means they're also probably running a different...
  6. 18+ GT Fuel System

    I've got a couple of questions about the 16 injector setup on the current Mustangs. Does anyone know what the stock rate are for the port injectors and the direct injectors? Also when running a FI setup is the DI taken into account when sizing the new injectors? I also have noted a lot of people...
  7. gqneon

    Fore Wiring 2018 GT

    So - this is the wiring diagram I got for the FPDM. I started trying to use the yellow with gray stripe wire that is always mentioned here. It wouldn't prime or put out any voltage. I made sure the connection to that wire in the FPDM was good with an ohmmeter prior to powering the car back...
  8. beefcake

    2018 Fore Fuel Systems at Team Beefcake

    New 2018 Mustang fuel systems from Fore Innovations. If you want to run e85 on those new Mustangs then get the perfect setup here. https://www.teambeefcakeracing.com/fore-innovations-fuel-systems-mustang-2018-2019.html
  9. Supercharging using 87(R+M) fuel at high altitudes

    Hey all, There is a large group of S550 GT owners here in Colombia (Southamerica) wanting to supercharge their Coyotes. Want to know your opinions about using any of the most popular setups available (Roush, Whipple) considering that best fuel available at gas stations is 87(R+M) octane. Most...
  10. Mootang

    California FS: Carbon Fiber Fuel Door Gas Cover - New with XPEL and Ceramic Pro

    I have an extra fuel door cover in carbon fiber laying around. Won't be needing this anymore as I have on installed already and this was just an extra one I got for a buddy. I had it XPEL Ultimate wrapped and Ceramic Pro applied on top of it from Imperial Works in Sacramento, CA. It is nice and...
  11. Fore Fuel Systems on Sale

    Need a fuel system upgrade? Now is the time to take advantage of our Fathers Day Sale on Fore Innovations complete systems and fuel pump assemblies. Great pricing at 15% Off at http://www.teambeefcakeracing.com/fore-innovations-fuel-system.html Choose from various options for any E85...
  12. FerraroSpeed

    Here as a new sponsor Ferraro Speed Parts Inc

    Hi everyone! I decided to join Mustang6G as a way of supporting existing customers, reaching out to new ones and to support tuner shops. My company (Ferraro Speed Parts) handles the distribution of the HP Tuners nGauge, a custom tuning device compatible with HP Tuners VCM Suite. My primary...
  13. 16RRGT

    Psychotic last night: newer Mustang engine quit.

    16 GT A6 w/Roush SC. 2450 miles or so. Raining pretty good around here... temp about 60 degrees. Leave my house, drive about half a mile, and the engine dies while I'm driving. (Just took a left turn from one road to another.) Pull over. Hit the start button, the engine starts... sorta...