1. isedawishy

    Texas DSS Aluminum Driveshaft | 6r80 | 15-17

    Selling my DSS aluminum driveshaft from my 6r80 car that fits 15-17. It's been on and off my car a few times so I would recommend reaching out to DSS to acquire new pinion bolts as they have signs of stripping. You could use them if you wanted, but price will be reduced for this reason. Comes...


    Good evening ladies and gents. We are happy to announce that we now carry the full lineup of Drivesshaft Shop Half shaft and Full Driveshaft options for your Ford Mustang applications. All DSS parts are proudly made in the USA. Ask us about our In-house installation services! For pricing...
  3. StrongFord

    Differential Flanges - Any Experts?

    I have a 2015 GT manual with 3.31 ratio and cast iron housing. I purchased a used differential from a 2018 GT manual (verified in person) with 3.55 ratio and cast iron housing. Everything I have found indicates there are only two available flange options from Ford, one for manual and one for...
  4. Nghtshd88

    Driveshaft Vibration

    Swapped a Tr3160/gt350 into my 5.0. Had to to use the front of the gt350 shaft and rear of my 5.0 shaft to make it work unless I changed the flange on the diff. Changing the $30 flange meant dropping the rear I believe which meant more labor and wasnt sure if I was going to keep it or not...
  5. 2015 GT 5.0 Partout! 1 7/8 Headers, GT350 intake Manifold, 47lb ford injectors, NGauge etc!

    UPDATE: NGauge sold and Splitter claimed. Offer $290 and the splitters yours. Also Headers and QTP cutouts are welded together so will be sold as a combo deal for cheap. Lots of go fast parts and goodies! Located in Southern California! Willing to ship at buyers expense. Currently in the...
  6. 1500HP half shafts + 850HP driveshaft - make any sense?

    I'm planning to go FI of some type (undecided ATM) in my DD in the next 6 months or so. Looking at doing "mods that matter" first, to avoid problems later. Looking at upgrading the half shafts and the driveshaft. What I'm finding is that many aftermarket driveshafts are rated at 850HP, while...
  7. New gears... vibration??

    Hi everyone, first post here. I got new 3.73 FRPP gears installed on my 2017 3.7L. I also had to get a new diff so the new ring and pinion could be installed (stock diff for 3.15 do not fit 3.73s). However, now I get a vibration above 45ish mph. I went back to the shop and ran it on the lift...
  8. Driv3n to Dr1ve

    Swapping a 2016 GT driveshaft into a V6?

    What are the specs on each driveshaft? The v6 driveshaft will shatter over 120 and I thought an easy solution would be to swap in an OEM GT driveshaft that is made for a manual with 3.55 gears. The manual is still the MT-82 so that seems simple enough. The only part I’m not sure of is if the v6...
  9. V6 safe speed

    Quick question, Is it safe to go over about 135 in the S550 V6? I've heard stories of V6 S197s having the driveshaft fall off while going around the speed and I'm always nervous to go over it.
  10. Aluminum or carbon fiber driveshaft owners please chime in

    I am considering an aluminum or carbon fiber driveshaft (leaning toward QA1 carbon fiber), but I do NOT want extra NVH. It seems like swapping the driveshaft is a crapshoot when it comes to NVH. Some people get more NVH, and some people don't. I had a 2009 Mustang with aluminum D/S and no...
  11. Leshik

    Short Shifter vs DriveShaft

    Hey guys my Bday is coming up. And Family wants to give me something as a present. I got a choice DS or Short Shifter. I want to do both eventually, but for now i just want to get better times at a track, which would be more beneficial to me. Im M6 and 3.73s. Thank you for advise.
  12. Vibration at 55mph

    Ive had a vibration at 55mph ever since I bought my '16. Starts at 50 and disappears at 60mph. After 2500 miles, I decided that it was time to bring it in. It is an A6 with 3.55s with 20x9 option. I have an Army school in Missouri for 15 weeks, so I bought a pair of Mustang optional 19s...
  13. venumous

    Anyone Actually Break A Half Shaft?

    I plan on doing the DSS800 axles before dragging this car but I was just curious as to who has actually broken a stock one? I had 100 passes on my original 03 Cobra on a combination of drag radials with the Eaton and slicks with the Whipple and not a peep from the stock half shafts once. My...
  14. Forced Induction..., now should I just wear out my stock axles B4 upgrading them or w

    can i just wear out the stock drivetrain and then upgrade the parts? Or is this going to cause other problems and I should go ahead and add the 1400hp capable drivetrain components and sell the stock parts on ebay?:shrug::shrug:
  15. Aluminum driveshaft acceleration improvement?

    Anyone on here installed a one-piece aluminum or carbon driveshaft? If so, any acceleration improvements?
  16. icarumba

    Vibration between 50 & 70 mph

    I have been experiencing rumbling & vibration between 50 & 70 mph, which kind of felt like the wheels were out of balance. After rebalancing them twice, the dealer even tried a different set of wheels & tires - no luck. They now believe that the drive shaft needs replacing - at 1100 miles...