1. Texas Borla S-Type Axleback Exhaust System (Black Single Tips)

    Cancelled - Friend wanted me to sell a homemade system. Thank you community for the replies.
  2. Corsa Sport Catback @ Laguna Seca (90DB days)

    Anyone here have experience with running the Corsa Sport Catback @ Laguna Seca? I'm terrified of getting black-flagged for being too loud. I've seen some exhaust insert cones such as these: I'm not sure if it's snake oil or if there's actual DB...
  3. Ohio 2018 Factory Catback Exhaust

    $200 shipped or $100 pickup
  4. New York Gibson Catback / JLT CAI for 15-17 GT

    $400 Catback 180 cold air intake
  5. H-Pipe, MBRP Axle-Back

    Hi all, I've been trying to fine tune the sound of my 2018 GT, and I can't quite seem to find what I like the most. I started with simple MBRP axle-backs with my stock resonators. Loved it, but wanted a hair more growl and "deepness" in the exhaust, so I went with an H-pipe, and now my car is...
  6. Maryland Stainless Works Redline Catback Factory Connect w/ X-pipe and H-Pipe

    Used Stainless Works Redline Catback Factory Connect system with both X-Pipe and H-Pipe. I recently purchased locally used from a guy who recently sold his GT350 and was getting rid of it. He put about 1500 miles on it and I have about 300 or so on it. Just too loud for my taste and I think I’m...
  7. Borla atak or Corsa xtreme cat back?

    Hi, I know this question has been posted a few times but I can't decide which is best. The Borla Atak or Corsa Xtreme cat back? I really like the sound of the W204 6.2L C63 AMG and would love something that sounds similar for my 2020 Mustang gt. What do you guys think would be the best way to...
  8. 2018 Stock EOM Exhaust For Sale

    FREE Stock EOM exhaust for 2018 Ecoboost Driven 21k miles and it’s in good condition local pick only Tri-State area
  9. California F/T Corsa Xtreme Catback/Sport Axleback (Have) for Corsa Sport Catback/Touring Axle Back (Want)

    I currently have a Corsa Xtreme Catback, which comes with the Sport mufflers, and I am looking to trade for the Touring mufflers, which comes on either the Sport catback or the Touring axleback. So if you have the Corsa Sport Catback or the Corsa Touring Axleback, you've got what I want and I am...
  10. New Jersey WTB Corsa Xtreme Catback 18-19 GT

    Looking to buy a used Corsa Xtreme catback for my 2018 PP1 GT. I don't have the active exhaust option and I don't plan on setting it up either. Either chrome or black tips are fine (although leaning towards black). Please reach out if you're selling one. If near NJ, I'd be willing to drive...
  11. 17 GT w/ eBay Headers and AWE Track Catback

    If anyone was wondering how eBay headers with the AWE Track Catback sounds here you go. The headers are definitely worth the money. I’ve been running them almost 2 years no problems. Didn’t get in the gas too much since the car wasn’t warmed up all the way. 2017 Mustang GT Cold Start! Headers...
  12. Installing Ngauge into Center Dash Vent (Video)

    Hi All, I wanted to add a quick video of how I installed my Ngauge into my center dash vent. Don’t forget to subscribe for gift card giveaways and future videos! <————-video of install! Thanks
  13. California Borla Atak Catback Exhaust/ Cobb V3/ Green Drop in Filter

    Hello everyone! I'm getting rid of my 2016 Ecoboost this week, and it's finally time to part ways with the parts I got. I have a Borla Atak Catback Exhaust, which in my opinion is easily one of the best sounding exhausts for this car. Exhaust was on for about 16,000 Miles. Has no issues what...
  14. GT FS: Solo Axle Back muffler delete / Black Tips - SOLD

    Like new Solo Axle back with brand new black tips. Magnaflow resonated X-pipe is sold. $300 - This is a steal Prefer local (Omaha, NE) but will split shipping with the buyer. :) Boxed up and ready to go.
  15. Pennsylvania FS: 2015-2017 MBRP Catback Exhaust

    MBRP Cat Back Exhaust - fits 2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT. I purchased the car with this exhaust installed and have decided to switch it out for a different sound. Exhaust works perfectly fine and is in good condition. Located near Pittsburgh, PA and would prefer a local sale. Willing to...
  16. Texas WTB: Borla ataks Axlebacks

    Im looking to buy borla ataks the 2.25" inlet for the v6/ecoboost. I prefer just the mufflers, i dont need any extra piping. Thanks. Im located in Houston, TX!
  17. Florida Sold: Stainless Works Exhaust and Downpipe

    Finally putting up for sale the rest that remains of my Ecoboost I parted out. Was on the car for around 15k miles. 1. Stainless Works Catted Downpipe (One piece downpipe) 2. Stainless Works Cat-Back with Y-Pipe. Can sell separately, but work well together. Best sounding exhaust setup and good...
  18. ARMYTRIX Customer Share Thread | Ford Mustang GT Valved Exhaust - Photos, Sound Videos & Reviews!

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  19. Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost | ARMYTRIX De-Cat / Cat-Back Valvetronic Exhaust - Sound Videos & Photos!

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