brake pads

  1. Chris@Steeda

    Hawk Performance Street & Track Brake Pad Testing [Steeda x Hawk x Nitto]

    **Updated with Track Video - 10/30** Hey All - Over the past 3 months, we have worked closely with Hawk Performance and Nitto to put together the Ultimate Brake Pad Guide for Mustang owners. There’s no doubt that there are different brake pads for different applications. And with so many...
  2. GT Factory Brake Pads - Front & Rear NIB

    Brand new factory GT350 brake pads, front and rear, originally purchased for my 2017 model. Part numbers are FR3Z-2001-L and FR3Z-2200-E. Dealer list is $496.42 for the set. Your price is $395 delivered to the lower 48 states. Will not separate the set.
  3. FS: powerstop Front brake pads pst1791

    Sold my mustang last year... these have been sitting around. PST 1791 powerstop brake pads. Still plently of life left. Asking $75 shipped via paypal anywhere in continental US. Also can take cash locally if you're in the sacramento, CA area. Fitment is 15+ Ecoboost or v6 (fits models with 320mm...
  4. qdog9

    Brakes for track days?

    I recently ran my 2016 mustang ecoboost at VIR (Virginia International Raceway) and messed up my stock brakes in the process. While driving around i now hear a noise that sounds like chirping, and when applying brakes i hear some screeching a scraping noises when I come to a stop. I was...
  5. Bahndvr

    Brake Setup

    Now that my suspension is squared away (thanks BmacIL) it on to the brakes. I have bought the Girodisc slotted for the front and Baer slotted for the rear. I'm looking into brake pads now. I would like an all around DD and high speed Autobahn. What do you think?

    Okay, to be fair I've done 2.5 track days but the car (2017 GT350) is only 3 months old! The pads are near the squeal strip. The rotors already have cracks originating from the drilled holes. (pictures pending) I see I can get a set of OEM front pads for ~$300. Now I don't have any qualms...
  7. Roger

    Brake Pad Options - non PP GT owner who tracks his car

    Hello, New member and first time post. I purchased my non-PP mustang GT in September last year and did not think I would be tracking the car. Fast forward to this spring and I just finished my second weekend at the track. The car has plenty of power on the track and is an absolute blast. I...