1. Alabama WTB axleback exhaust

    Looking to buy a used axleback exhaust set up. Ford performance, borla, Corsa, open to anything with medium to high loudness. Already have H pipe installed. Currently in North Mississippi. Willing to drive for the right deal!
  2. F/S - Ford Performance By Borla Cat-Back Exhaust

    F/S - Ford Performance By Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System 2-1/2" Sport Stainless Steel With 4" Black Tips GT 2015-2017 Loud Throaty Exhaust Note without the Drone Manufactured by Borla for Ford Racing Direct Bolt-On Design ***INCLUDES X-Pipe and Straight-Through Sport Mufflers*** 2.5"...
  3. Borla atak or Corsa xtreme cat back?

    Hi, I know this question has been posted a few times but I can't decide which is best. The Borla Atak or Corsa Xtreme cat back? I really like the sound of the W204 6.2L C63 AMG and would love something that sounds similar for my 2020 Mustang gt. What do you guys think would be the best way to...
  4. The Velocity Raptor

    The Velocity Raptor

  5. White 19 GT C/S Borla Black Tips or Chrome?

    I did a Ford Performance X pipe res delete at first. The stock mufflers still sound good for stock but I want more growl. I decided to go with the Borla S Type axle back from here after about a month of forums and videos. Help me pick between black or chrome tips! My GT is Oxford White!
  6. Oklahoma SOLD 3" Borla Atak mufflers

    3" pipe 4" tips sound super good just too loud for me so replaced the mufflers. About 3000 miles in them. I do have the extra pipe since I replaced them with an axle back system if you want them. Willing to ship if buyer pays. $300obo
  7. GT350 Xpipe on the V6

    I've changed my exhaust setup over 10 times and spent some stupid amount of money trying to get the car to sound good. This setup is the winner in my opinion. I managed to find an x pipe from a gt350 (He wanted full 3" and just gave it to the shop), and swapped it in. This is a catless setup...
  8. Installing Ngauge into Center Dash Vent (Video)

    Hi All, I wanted to add a quick video of how I installed my Ngauge into my center dash vent. Don’t forget to subscribe for gift card giveaways and future videos! <————-video of install! Thanks
  9. Using s197 Axlebacks

    So apparently a good amount of the s550 axlebacks are shared with the ecoboost. I decided to run the s197 borla attaks to see how they sounded and the results actually turned out to be good. Still not sure if I should keep the H pipe or change it to an x pipe. This setup is with the bbk...
  10. Alabama 2018+ BORLA EXHAUST

  11. California Borla Atak Catback Exhaust/ Cobb V3/ Green Drop in Filter

    Hello everyone! I'm getting rid of my 2016 Ecoboost this week, and it's finally time to part ways with the parts I got. I have a Borla Atak Catback Exhaust, which in my opinion is easily one of the best sounding exhausts for this car. Exhaust was on for about 16,000 Miles. Has no issues what...
  12. s197 mufflers on s550

    Im looking to buy some borla ataks for my 2015. I cant seem to find used borla atak mufflers (i dont want to buy new) for 2015+. Someone local is selling some borla ataks but they're meant for 11-14. I was curious has anyone tried putting s197 borla ataks on their s550? I know a muffler shop can...
  13. Texas WTB: Borla ataks Axlebacks

    Im looking to buy borla ataks the 2.25" inlet for the v6/ecoboost. I prefer just the mufflers, i dont need any extra piping. Thanks. Im located in Houston, TX!
  14. Need my Borla Axle back gone!

    Bought my 2016 mustang GT and the previous owner had put Borla axle backs (stinger s type, chrome tips) on it. It’s time I need more loudness out of my coyote. Wondered if anyone would be willing to take it off my hands for really cheap or a decent trade for them. Mufflers have been on for 13k...
  15. Resonator placement?

    I currently have borla atak with xpipe. I like the tone for the most part but would like to cut some of the rasp. I bought some dynomax small bullet resonator/mufflers to calm the rasp. My question is, does placement of the resonator matter? I've seen people say put it right after the xpipe like...
  16. Canada - Ontario BORLA ATAK Cat back, Chrome tips, 1 month old

    Barely used full system in mint condition. I switched cars one month after installation so I'm selling this exhaust. It was purchased from Tdot performance for $1600. Comes with all the parts including clamps, Y pipe, connecting pipes and mufflers with chrome tips. Selling for $1050 CDN Gives...
  17. Oklahoma Borla atak axle back

    Borla atak 3" got about 3k miles on. It from the cat-back system however I bought an axle-back to replace them so they're cut, if you just want the mufflers i'll take them off the extra pipe $400 Aluminum dash panel (standard model) $50 Stock Pp dash gauges $150 Willing to ship provided you...
  18. Exhaust piping question-Video Included of sound

    I just installed Borla S type axle back and Magnaflow tru x (CJPP), and it sounds absolutely amazing. I’m not happy with where my tips landed in the valance on one side. Tired every combination of supporting the piping and tightening the clamps. I think it was with where the pipe was cut. I...
  19. Borla stype or ford performance by borla extreme?

    I'm looking to buy either borla stype or ford performance by borla extreme. I'm in houston TX. Must be for 2018+