1. KT3

    Carbon Fibre GT350 hood for 18+ S550!

    Anyone have this hood from Anderson Comp.? This is by far my favorite hood they make and I want it. Just have some questions for owners of this hood.
  2. KT3

    CMST Transparent Hood - Anyone Have One?

    Hey guys, I’m looking to get a new hood in the summer. CMST Transparent Hood. https://cmsttuning.com/collections/ford/products/ford-mustang-2018-2019-2020-carbon-fiber-glass-transparent-hood?variant=36894953832602 Does anyone have this hood? (18-20 GT). If so, please post some pictures, I...
  3. 50Mustang

    Virginia S550 Euros

    From S550 Euros. $300+ shipping. Used for a year.
  4. twotone5.0

    California WTB: 2018+ OEM Hood Vent Heat Extractors (Shadow Black)

    The title says it all, I'm looking for some OEM shadow black hood vents (left and right) for my 2018 oxford white GT. I want to keep my white ones, and I'm not interested in buying another color and painting. I've checked eBay but none currently listed. Only looking for OEM, no replicas or...
  5. Pi3rcito

    Riaction Coilovers: Review/Thoughts

    Normally I just read and don’t post much but since I didn’t find any useful information regarding this product here goes nothing! I’ve owned Mustangs in the past (S197 most recently) and I’m well aware of the bigger more well know suspension companies that offer products for Mustangs. When I...
  6. Toggle Switches and Radio Control Knobs

    Hello reader! I know this may be a far-fetched idea/ask, but is anyone willing and able to complete a project for me, and other likeminded individuals? Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources or knowledge to undertake it myself. Please see below. I have a 2017 Mustang GT Premium, and one...

    Michigan 2018 OEM Shadow Black Hood Vents

    2018 OEM Shadow Black Hood Vents, near mint, garage kept, touchless washes, with approx 10,000 miles on them. $150+Shipping They run great day or night, release more hot air than a used car salesman, and are guaranteed to be holy. Michigan air also included in the box for testing purposes.
  8. Dfeeds

    Anyone else notice... (in regards to wheel hop)

    I see wheel hop pop up quite a bit and how had it is on the s550 and also how people don't have it. I was one of the "don't." If I spun my tires that was it. I didn't get any hopping. However, I recently had traction control on (I usually keep advanced traction control off because, assuming...
  9. Maryland Looking for 2018+ Shadow Black PP Spoiler

    Hello! I’m looking to upgrade my OEM shadow black blade spoiler. Looking for a used OEM 2018+ PP spoiler in shadow black at a decent price. Willing to pay for shipping, but I can also drive a reasonable distance to pick up. Thanks!
  10. Flyhalf


    Hey Guys, While I'm all concentrating developing my RACE SPLITTER ( the Idea is nice!) I took a break and I've decided to develop and test my JLT AIRBOX COVER. short story. I do Dyno everything. I proved that JLT IS superior than OEM AIRBOX ( 22 whp but with the hood down the gain was reduce...
  11. Maryland Looking for OEM 2018+ Decklid

    Hey all, Currently looking for an OEM 2018+ GT rear decklid panel, preferably from a black accent package vehicle, for the low. I would also prefer no broken clips. I can pay for shipping or drive to you if within a reasonable distance! Thanks!
  12. whip_test

    Looking to purchase a set of OEM GT350 Recaro seats

    My 2019MY came with the leather-trimmed Sport Seats and as the title indicates I am looking to pick up a set of the Recaro Sport Seats. If anyone is selling....I'm buying! Look forward to hearing from you. *preferably 2018MY and above / GT350 or GT350R
  13. demize911

    New Jersey WTB OEM 18-19 Tail lights

    WTB 18-19 OEM TAIL LIGHTS. In a Good condition. 400$ aprx
  14. OrangeFury1

    Ported Cobra Jet Manifold Overview install on 2018

    Wanted to go ahead and try to make some notes of what I had to do to install my Cobra Jet. I looked around, couldn't really find a post that detailed certain things. Want to give a huge thanks to HeavyHittersMaryland on here, on the forums, he has been a huge help!! Hopefully this helps some...
  15. Performance Pack Spoiler

    Hi there! Anyone happen to install a 2018+ Performance Pack spoiler on their 2015-2017 Mustang? If so, do you have any pictures? My 2017 has the small spoiler blade and I wanted to make the upgrade. I understand they use the same holes, but I wanted to see if there are any problems I would run...
  16. UXXR

    2018 GT350 Driving Impressions - possible concerns

    I've had my 2018 GT350 for 2 months now, got the car second hand at 1.3K miles, now we are at 2K. Just got and oil change at Ford and also got it inspected, no issues - no mods before. While I love the car for the beast it is, I might have couple concerns as below - hoping other experienced...
  17. Adamrak

    New Jersey WTB Corsa Xtreme Catback 18-19 GT

    Looking to buy a used Corsa Xtreme catback for my 2018 PP1 GT. I don't have the active exhaust option and I don't plan on setting it up either. Either chrome or black tips are fine (although leaning towards black). Please reach out if you're selling one. If near NJ, I'd be willing to drive...
  18. KingBowser

    Florida 2019 OEM Tail Lights

    Selling my OEM Tail lights taken off my 19 GT at 10k miles, perfect condition, just went with aftermarket ones. Asking $450 OBO Located in Melbourne, FL
  19. ExoticPonyMods

    New Product: 2015-2020 EPM Mustang Sequential Taillight Replaceable Assembly 2018 style EURO AUS

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! It's been a while since ExoticPonyMods posted anything on this forum. We have made another product which adds triple amber triple red signals to the AUS EURO Mustang rear lights. This can be seen as an upgrade from the 3A3R LED upgrade kits we have created 2 years...
  20. JR007

    Texas FS: 2018 Stock GT Exhaust

    Good day - I'm selling my 2018 stock GT non-active exhaust. Its in perfect condition and was only on my GT for less than one year. I always cleaned the tips and no residue are on them. Also, from my understanding if you don't have a 2018 model year with the quad tip setup, you can change the...