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  1. Traded my new 17 Mustang GT for a new 17 Mustang GT

    Ya no shit. That would scare me to death
  2. WTB: GT350 Track Pack spoiler

    I did too. Great price
  3. High Plains Raceway Track Day

    April 2, 2017. High plains Raceway track day. Follow the link for more info. I will be there as well as with a few friends. Bring out your Mustang! High Plains Raceway link
  4. SOLD

    knob Sent PM. Paid. Thanks!
  5. Blind Spot Mirror Add?

    blis Try looking at the thread "modifying as built data" in this forum. After the hardware has been installed you may be able to get this in the information center.
  6. Lucky, im driving a Gt350 (mustang)!

    one more rule And don't get out of your car and start running. You know what happens here in America.........
  7. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Just wanted to give a shoutout to law242 for helping me get the navigation set up. It works like a charm. I have not tested it on the road yet as the Mustang is stored for the winter. Cheers
  8. WTB/WTT: Corsa Quad Tips Black

    Corsa tips Hey there, I have a set that I just replaced with quads. They are in great shape but have the "rainbow" halo as you will get will all tips eventually. PM me and let me know what you think they are worth.
  9. Steeda's Ultra Lite Low-Profile S550 Jacking Rails Are Here!

    Soul brotha, Why don't you just use four jack stands? A single floor jack will get the whole side of the car up. Then just do the other side and you will get the entire car higher for more working room.
  10. Steeda's Ultra Lite Low-Profile S550 Jacking Rails Are Here!

    Just ordered my set. Thanks TJ for the quick response tonight! Can't wait.
  11. What can we do for You?

    Benny, Can you track down some GT-350 rear mudflaps/splash guards? It is for my 15 GTPP.
  12. WTB Shift Boot

    You won't be sorry on your switch
  13. Factory tune deleted

    Disconnect the battery and it should start right up after you reconnect. It happened to me.
  14. For Sale: 2016 GT OEM stock low profile spoiler

    Toothless, do you still have this? If so I will take it. PMed ya.
  15. FS: Big Worm Graphix stripes

    Yes you can. Just no wax on the stripes.