Battle of the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost Tuners

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With the new S550 platform and an all-new turbo 4-cylinder engine, the 2015 EcoBoost Mustang keeps making new headway in the tuning world and surprising us all at the drag strip.

So which tuner should you go with?  Livernois Motorsports and Lund Racing have both achieved very impressive results…

Lund Racing’s initial tuning results on its manual EcoBoost Mustang with stock everything (besides tune) showed 316 RWHP and 410 RWTQ (for gains of 75/135) on 93 octane.  Lund Racing tells us that it’s not done yet and there are more gains to be had.

This coincides with similar dyno numbers achieved by Livernois Motorsports’ tuning results, which we reported earlier.

To show us all what they can do, last week Livernois took its EcoBoost to the track and became the first 11-second EcoBoost Mustang in the quarter-mile, making an 11.8 @ 114MPH pass with race gas, custom tuning using its MyCalibrator tuning device, and a host of modifications, including:

  • Race Gas Tune
  • Removed Passenger Seat
  • Removed cat-back (has factory cat and downpipe)
  • 17″ drag wheel/tire combo
  • Everything else is as delivered from the factory

Livernois will not be releasing its race gas tune for general consumption as the fuels are not readily available to everyone and its behavior and results would not be reliable.

As for its pump gas tune for the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost, Livernois tells us the tuner is ready to go and will be shipped starting this week.

For more details about the tuning results, track runs, and pricing, click into the forums.


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