SVT Mustang GT350 Teaser (3 of 5): Mustang Images!

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We have the first visual cues from Ford that the 11.17.14 date will in fact be a high powered Mustang, likely the rumored GT350 Mustang from the SVT division!

In this third video teaser, we get not only more visual cues, but some hints about powertrain and the focus of this next hi-po Mustang:

Raj Nair (Global Product Development) states:

It’s very driver-oriented, it’s very track-oriented, and that’s been the heritage of this vehicle.  These are very track credible vehicles and everything you see on this vehicle serves a purpose.  We knew wanted it to be extremely free revving, we wanted to have low inertia, obviously develop a lot of horsepower, and develop a lot of horsepower per liter, so be efficient and also be lightweight.

Jim Farley (Global Marketing) discusses powertrain:

I think the turbocharged engine, the EcoBoost, the forced induction really did change things for us.  When we made that a mainstream powertrain, we were able to kind of take different engines and remix them and create a lot of the powertrains for these fun vehicles, and we’re just getting started on that.

Joe Hinrichs (Ford Executive VP) about the focus of the vehicle:

It started out with a race car mentality and that raw power feel that’s going to be able to be handled on the track and enthusiasts are going to love it.

Watch the entire VIDEO and see snapshots of the Mustang teaser images inside!


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