Swift Spec-R Springs

The S550 Mustang continues to bring new players into the fray, both in terms of its ownership base and the aftermarket companies whose interest it has captured.

Tokyo-based Swift Springs are veterans in the spring industry but new to the Mustang platform, having just released their Spec-R springs for the 2015+ Mustang.

The Spec-R springs are a performance oriented linear lowering spring. During the development of these springs available stroke was tested as well as the geometries of the chassis to figure out the drop.

Swift Spec-R springs are designed at the upper limits of the OEM shock valving and the company extensively tests and tunes the springs for track use while keeping it comfortable enough for a daily driver.

Our friends at Trinity Autosport in Anaheim, California, have the Spec-R springs installed on their 2015 Mustang GT and report significant reduction in body roll, reduced nose-dive and improved handling.

Check out the Swift Spec-R Springs specifications and Trinity Autosport’s track times with the springs installed.