Hurst Kenne Bell R-Type Mustang GT

After days of teaser images from TMPCC (The Television Motion Picture Car Club) the world’s first Kenne Bell powered Hurst R-Type Supercharged Mustang GT was unveiled at the Annual TMPCC Car Show at CBS Studio Center on Independence Day.

Hurst Performance Vehicles and Ford Motor Company have a long history of collaborating on special edition Mustangs and the company is best known for producing some of the most iconic and collectible pace cars in racing.

The Hurst R-Type S550 Mustang is powered by a Kenne Bell supercharger putting out 750 horsepower. The exterior is dressed in the iconic white and gold Hurst color scheme and features a ram air hood, aggressive chin spoiler and splitter with rods, unique side skirts and large spoiler.

Check out the first pictures of the Hurst Kenne Bell R-Type Mustang GT as it rolled off the trailer in Studio City, CA.