Inside the MGW GT350 Shifter

Ever since the 2015+ Shelby GT350 was introduced, Ford has made it a point to highlight that the Tremec TR-3160 six-speed manual transmission was specifically engineered for less mass, high-rpm applications, and optimized for overall reduction in inertia and weight.

And though the GT350’s transmission has generally received positive reviews, companies such as the highly-regarded MGW Shifters has used its laser focus on improving specific components in order to transform the experience of rowing your own gears in the GT350.

In this series of videos shared by M6G member Epiphany, MGW owner George Ciamillo walks us through the unique challenges of improving (and eliminating) the TR3160’s pendulum style shifter and with the help of a cutaway model of MGW’s GT350 short throw shifter design, show us the innovative engineering behind their dual pivot design to improve upon the TR3160 factory setup.

As an added bonus, MGW previews its new and improved second version of its GT350 shifter which aims to stomp out any potential NVH issues while reducing weight.

Check out this inside look at MGW’s GT350 shifter and a preview of its upcoming upgrade in the forums.