Here’s the 2019 GT500’s 5.2L Predator Engine

It all started with the leaked engine cover, then the CAD images we showed you, and now we have a real deal photo of the 2019 GT500 5.2L supercharged “Predator” engine thanks to our friends at Lethal Performance.

Some of the details we’ve known for some time but the Lethal crew has confirmed the Predator engine is a cross-plane 5.2-liter V8 with a Eaton 2.65-liter TVS @ 12psi supercharger and 10:1 compression ratio.

We’re also hearing that Ford may have sourced the Tremec TR-9007 7-speed dual clutch transmission for a huge boost in performance and efficiency.

The debate is on in the forums about whether the next GT500 will make 700-horsepower at the wheels or crank, so let’s hear your thoughts!