GT350 & SV104 Signature Wheels

Positive G Motorworks and Signature Wheel have partnered to offer a custom forged wheel available for the Shelby GT350 that features striking design and has been engineered for maximum performance.

The SV104 is part of Signature Collection’s custom CNC machined, forged T6061 aluminum monoblock wheel has been designed specifically for the tough environment of today’s racetracks where added strength and lightweight design is king.

In 19×11.5 (ET55), the rear wheels in GT350 specs have been shown to weigh just 20.5 pounds with the front set weighing just a pound more.

With JWL and VIA certificate of Accreditation on Dynamic cornering fatigue test equipment, Dynamic radial fatigue test equipment, Impact test equipment and certified stamp on the back of every wheel made, you can be confident using these on the street or the track.

Check out more photos of the SV104 Signature Wheels on the 2016 Shelby GT350 in the forums.