Shelby GT350R Wins Digital Trends 2016 Performance Car of the Year

As we enter another year we look back on the many accolades the Shelby GT350R has won and find yet another list it has topped — the 2016 Digital Trends Performance Car of the Year.

In a head-to-head comparison against two other finalists, the Mercedes AMG GT S and Lamborghini Huracán 580-2, Ford’s GT350R won over the hearts of the Digital Trends’ crew of car journalists despite its comparatively spartan nature.

In fact, it was precisely the GT350R’s purist setup which proved the most satisfying around the circuit, with the reviewers noting that the GT350R demanded those behind the wheel to demonstrate “a certain skill level, which the car magnified, making you feel amazing after track maneuvers.”

Much of the credit can go to the stellar engineering that went into the 5.2-liter V8, which also won Digital Trends’ 2016 Best Engine honors. As the writers put it so aptly, and any GT350R owner will tell you, “opening the throttle is a pure, visceral joy.”

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