The M6G Virtual Car Show - everyone join in!

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    Due to COVID19, many upcoming car shows (big and small) are being canceled Globally. The next best thing to being at one, is visiting a virtual one!

    Post what is in your collection; a hobby car, a special interest vehicle, a high end vehicle, barn photos, project car, a special build, a sentimental vehicle, your daily driver, etc.

    This is not just for Mustangs - any vehicle, any year, any manufacturer (car, truck, motorcycle, etc). Even if you have been to a local car show or cruise in your area in the last 5 years, post up those pics too!

    Add a little detail if possible!

    Here’s my 1994 SVT Cobra. I’m second owner and have owned it since March 2004. It retains all VIN body tags, rad support BUC tag and original drivetrain.

    It’s verified via SVT and Ford Performance as being SVT Build #13 out of the total 6,009 Cobras built in 1994 (5,009 coupes, 1,000 Pace Car Convertibles) and was built in Dearborn on 03/04/1994.

    Based on my exhaustive research over the years, it’s the lowest produced VIN # and lowest surviving SVT Build # out of the 5,009 coupes. If anyone knows otherwise, do contact me!

    It’s been at quite a few annual car shows and has won several awards through the years.

    Yes, it does have several mods (most can’t be seen), but nothing that can’t be turned back to stock.

    This is what you would see in person if you saw it at a car show: 9E385812-3854-402F-BFA3-9654E5A30802.jpeg 77D2831F-2F9D-40D4-BA6C-1C356DDDC29A.jpeg 21035E14-F3E5-452C-9A1D-6DF363DFDFCC.jpeg 114FABDB-42DB-4CB1-AC5C-FF58DDC03DCB.jpeg 5BAA2A95-1CA8-4207-A21F-722E437AB287.jpeg 80968173-5E65-46C4-B5B1-23165FE68E7D.jpeg 2BCA5035-FBA2-4DE0-B5CB-963C6661B458.jpeg 546BAF47-0BBB-448A-8942-57445243B094.jpeg 1BF20833-F32E-4836-8C0D-FFC2FE9BBE1F.jpeg 628056D7-993C-4A09-93C5-B3D0F0E69889.jpeg E85758D8-6B8B-4DE9-8135-E0183FFEF9BF.jpeg 31BD17A8-6028-43CE-907D-6954EFD8B178.jpeg
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    Here we go... nice thread! I love the Cobra.. it’s super clean, especially for the mileage!

    Up first, my long gone 1997 Cherokee. This served as my first vehicle and definitely gave me a first hand lesson of wrenching, driving skill and I loved this piece of dookie. 2” “boost”, 31x10.5 tires on Cragars, intake, exhaust, fog lights.. blah blah. Very capable with very little and I put this thing through hell. Drivetrain never failed me.



    Next up is my 2000 Mustang GT “Spring Edition” which I still have but it’s back home a needs a full rehab. Full bolt on, x-pipe, MAC catback, 4:10 gears, Roush springs, adjustable LCA’s, MGW shifter, deep dish wheels, RAM flywheel and clutch, 125 wet shot and “custom tuned” by myself. I turned EVERY f’in bolt on this car except the gear install. I piloted it to the mid 12’s with horrible traction but it had the MPH for a low 12.


    1986 Yamaha FZ750. First and only bike. Previous owner jetted the carbs, stack filters, 4-2-1 exhaust (Kirker), upgraded ignition. It was heavy but a very fun bike. It had the old 5V Genesis motor and it ripped to 12k RPM approx. it was not a strong bike from a dig due to the weight (mid 500lbs) but it would roll out once moving. It made 105hp stock so probably 105-110 to the wheel with mods.


    2004 Grand Cherokee Columbia Edition. I FREAKING LOVED THIS JEEP. It was like a couch on wheels and it was QUICK! It was a 2WD with the 4.7HO and gentlemen, it would burn the tires down like a Mustang. I had an intake and exhaust on it. Sold it due to gas prices and my commute at the time.


    2013 Focus ST ST2 package. I have days where I kick myself in the balls for trading it in on my GT. This was such a convenient, well rounded and blast of a car to own. It was probably “only” a low 14 second car (I had an intake, catback and tune only) but the insta-torque made the car feel way faster and this thing could be flung around like wet spaghetti.. it stuck to wherever you pointed it like glue. I truly miss this car on a daily basis. Trading it in felt like I was putting down a pet.







    Farewell, Tanner (nephew named it).


    All that misery was to get this brute. My 2016 Ingot Silver GT, Performance Package. Base model, cloth, etc just like my old GT and I don’t even care about not having leather and the other options. That’s not what this car is to me. It’s raw and visceral. It reminds me of where I came from and started with.


    She got a big booty so I call her big booty


    Very quickly it reminded me of its dietary needs.


    So new.



    Bike fits perfect with the back seats folded and wheels off.


    It said it wanted to fly.


    Feeding time..


    Hanging out with a work buddy




    And then I decided this was a good idea since I missed my old one so much. Overland Edition, 4.7HO, Quadradrive. PO put a 3” boost on it, wheels/tires off a JK Wrangler, Flowmaster exhaust and a couple other doo-dads. This is my now DD, bike hauler, fishing rig, never stop wrenching, get off the beaten trail mobile.

    Best part? I’ll park it anywhere. Got a beater shitbox? I’ll park next to it. Got a Rolls? I’ll park next to it and make you nervous that I dinged ya with my redneck peasant-mobile.

    I’ve had it about 1.5 months and already:
    Changed the diff fluid
    Trans fluid/filters service
    T case fluid
    Fuel filter
    Oil/filter (should be a given with any vehicle purchase)
    Hatch glass struts
    Center console armrest replaced
    Passenger mirror
    Cargo cover
    Fixed the disk changer

    To do:
    Blend doors
    Heater core (not in a rush - if I need heat in south Florida we got issues)
    Minor suspension/steering upgrades
    Tailshaft seal
    EVAP work.. have a CEL that’s evap related
    More lift? My heart tells me to go long arm but my wallet says no.


    upload_2020-4-6_23-34-41.jpeg upload_2020-4-6_23-33-53.jpeg
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    Nice 94’ Cobra Jet! I had a 94’ GT. Bought it used from a car dealer. I have fond memories of that car. It is one of my favorite cars I’ve ever had. It sounded so good once I put BBK shorty headers and Flow master mufflers. That car sounded better than my 18’ GT I have now. I also put 3:73 gears. At the time it seemed fast but by today’s standards not so much. Back when I bought it in 1997 i wish I could of had a Cobra.
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    In Colorado for the foreseeable future and missing my car. Would LOVE to share some more pics lol Mine12.jpg mine14.jpg mine26.jpg Mine30.jpg
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