Sticky Request: The Steeda HPDE Package Settings Thread

Discussion in 'Steeda Autosports' started by Allentown, Feb 19, 2019.

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    I would like a sticky to be placed here in the Steeda Thread on setting up your suspension for various applications.

    The Steeda HPDE package will give you a high level of adjustability for Sway Bars, Camber plates, Adjustable Dampeners, and the stop the hop ultimate customers will also have adjustability in the rear toe. Some customers will also have adjustable rear camber arms.

    For those of us who are new to adjustable mustang suspension, an easy to find sticky with discussion of these settings would be useful.

    Adjustable Dampeners
    I am going to start with some observations about a common and probably the easiest thing to quickly adjust, the dampeners and go from there:

    Possible Settings:
    *Front and Rear Full Soft: A suprising number of people are riding on the fully soft setting on their Dual Rate springs. I am not sure how many are using full soft with the ultralight, or progressive springs. Great for long highway trips.

    *Rear 1/4 or 1/2 Turn: Front Full Soft: This setting also works well for the streets just to firm up the rear rebound a bit obviously. Great for the highway or around town.

    *I do not recommend going to 3/4 a turn in the rear without adding 1/4 turn in the front, so as not to create too much unbalance. This also happens to be the way Steeda sets the Q500 up for the streets. The preferred "highway and town" overall setting?

    * 1 Full Turn in the rear and 1/2 Turn in the front. This is effectively 1/4 increase over a Q500 for those who have smoother roads and or just really want the car dialed in tight at the cost of some comfort. This is where I am currently running the car for my daily use.

    *1 and 1/4 Turn in the rear and 1/2 or 3/4 turns in the front: I consider this the absolute threshold of what anyone would want to do on the regular street. Anything much above this and you start to get that jarring ride that people complain about for daily drivers when they over spring their cars. Definately not for extended highway driving IMO.

    *If you are hitting the dragons tail or some legendary stretch of the road...while technically street driving still, you can do about 1 and 1/5 a turn in the rear and anywhere from 3/4 a turn in the front to 1 and 1/4 turn and have a great time on those roads. For what ever reason, i continusously shy away from setting it up with the same front and rear but some people have done 1 and 1.5 turns both front and rear for stuff like this and I suppose if you had zero traffic on the tail of the dragon or what ever canyon road near you is legendary, and really wanted to hit all those corners hard you might do this.

    Track use and other users:

    One recommendation I saw from user Wildcatgoat was the following:

    (Fun) Street use: 1.5 turns front and rear
    - High Speed Road Course: 1.5 turns front, 2 turns rear
    - Technical Road Course: 2 turns front and rear

    I just got all this in last week so no track time yet, the above suggestion is the best I have at the moment.

    Sway Bars:
    Q500 Default Setting: Soft front, middle setting rear
    Interested in how others have varied that

    User: Wildcatgoat says: "Currently second from soft up front and middle on rear. The has basically dialed out all undesirable understeer with SQUARE tires. If I run my stock staggered setup, I get understeer again. These cars understeer incessantly staggered in my experience.:

    Q500: Steeda Camber plates 2.5 neg camber front 1.8 neg rear

    If I am not mistaken, Jaime Bell set mine up for a more "mild street" and has it at 1.8 front camber, and a slight amount of rear toe?. I meant to get a print out or screen shot of the settings as my memory isn't too good but I didn't. Perhaps someone from Steeda will chime in as to what the toe/castor settings end up being when you install most of the steeda stuff and are looking for mild handling for the streets. I didn't install the rear adjustable control arms.

    Thanks in advance for everyone's input.
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